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Twinby Dating App: Smart Partner Matching


With Tinder leaving Russia, the dating app market has noticeably suffered – users are reluctant to switch to other services due to differences in functionality, subscription costs, or a limited number of users. For many, it was convenient that the app accurately matched partners based on interests, as Mamba and VK Dating also do.

However, there is no need to despair, because Twinby dating app comes to the rescue – a new application for finding partners based on neural networks. It not only uses artificial intelligence, but also conducts psychological tests for accurate partner matching. Let's take a look at how it works.

Who Created Twinby?

The app appeared recently and you may have missed it, mistaking it for just another Tinder clone. But that’s not entirely true – first, it’s a Russian dating application and secondly, it is based on artificial intelligence.

Who is the founder of Twinby? These are HSE University graduates Veronika Yakovleva and Valery Klimov. In their opinion, regular dating apps are too superficial for reliable partner choices – users evaluate each other only by looks and profile data. To solve this problem, they created Twinby which matches couples based on psychological compatibility. This became possible thanks to HSE University research and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The app is being developed by a team of two dozen people.

Twinby Dating Website: Psychology Comes First

Unlike Mamba or VK Dating, when launching Twinby you are offered to take psychological tests that will help uncover your behavior, habits and way of thinking. Accordingly, when searching for a partner, the percentage of psychological compatibility is displayed which is more important than preferences in music, movies or food. This is also confirmed by the first reviews. The Twinby dating app takes an unconventional and promising approach to dating.

It may seem that the developers are trying to engage you with a questionnaire on your first entry, where simple questions are asked. But that's not all – psychological tests are also available on the home page, allowing you to obtain more detailed information about the user and most accurately pick out a matching partner.

How to Download the Twinby App and Start Using It

Registering on Twinby is quite simple – on the home page you can log in via Apple ID, VK ID, Google account or email. After that, you will have to take a 10-question test that will tell another person a lot about you.

Then you need to fill out your profile – here nothing complex: add photos, write a few words about yourself, optionally pass verification to access additional features. Pay attention to the number of photos in your profile, since you will only be able to view as many photos of other people on Twinby as you have uploaded.

At the bottom there are tabs with likes, chats, profile, search for people. There are also Twinby cards here. The process of viewing users is intuitive – it uses the standard Tinder swipe control. Pay attention to the compatibility percentage – it can be low but may increase if you take more tests that are located on the next tab. Currently there are only 2, but more Twinby tests are already in development.

In chat, you can not only communicate but also send cards to answer questions. So dating on Twinby is not only easier, but also allows you to understand who you are talking to without spending a lot of time messaging. If you want to check compatibility with another person, simply send them an invitation to Twinby from the home page so they can take the test.

Verification on Twinby

How to get the maximum number of features available to the user? First, you need to download Twinby on Android (apk file) or iOS. After installation and registration, two things are required:

  1. Verify your account;
  2. Upload the maximum number of photos.

If the second thing is clear, the first action on Twinby dating has its own specifics – to confirm the account you need to provide your phone number and then enter the verification code from the SMS (standard SMS authentication). By the way, you don't have to use a real phone number, you can use a virtual one. It is just as easy and gives you the ability to register a business account in a dating app and more.

If you need an anonymous and functional account on any social platform, simply enter the name of the required service (where you intend to register) and specify the country of the mobile operator in the lists at the top right of this or any other page of the Grizzly Sms website.

Twinby: Feature Overview

Flags in Twinby – green and red – indicate matches and mismatches, making it easier to understand the person in front of you. This will help avoid sharp corners and unpleasant situations in communication so as not to accidentally offend someone or waste time.

You can assess compatibility based on tests – the Twinby dating website analyzes your responses and provides a detailed report on each character trait. Clicking on a user's photo opens their additional data. If your characters don't match with someone, you can block the unwanted user – their profile will appear in the Blacklist section.

As for the settings, there are not many here – just the basics. You may have a question about how to delete your Twinby account? It's very easy: just tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Delete Account. The system will offer two options: temporarily hide your profile or delete it forever, after which it can no longer be restored.

Twinby Dating Website: Is It Worth Using?

Is it worth downloading the latest version of Twinby now? This is quite a rational step if you are a dating fan, even though the platform is young and unusual. While there are not many users here yet (at least in the regions), there are already noticeably more than in the summer. And there are very few abandoned accounts.

Currently, the application is completely free, and the premium subscription system is still under development.


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