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How to create a profile on Tinder without phone

The application Tinder lifted online dating to a new level. After its presentation, specialized websites receded into the background. Now, finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend is much easier. A huge number of people have an account there, so one can find other users in almost any city or town. Users often want to know: “Can you use Tinder without a SIM card?”.  This task can be fulfilled via several methods.

Why does one need Tinder sign up without number? Among the major reasons, we must highlight:

  • creating a second profile;
  • mass registration;
  • no possibility to use a phone number;
  • a person does not want to expose his personal contact information.

Let us discuss the safe variants of making profiles that do not involve the use of doubtful websites or services.

Tinder without number verification: official solutions

Today, all the services strive to minimize the possibility of anonymous use. This trend characteristic of recent years is rather uncomfortable, but it has already become a norm. The official methods to get into Tinder without cell phone cannot meet anonymity requests. When one tries to sign up, the system offers the following variants.



Image 1 How to make Tinder without number


As you can see on the screenshot above, one can use one’s account on Facebook or Google. Such methods assume that a user must provide a mobile number to register on the sources mentioned before he tries to log into Tinder. Yet, if this option suits you, just press the corresponding button. That will allow you to access Tinder without phone number. The application will receive permission to utilize your personal data.

How to get a Tinder login without phone number with the help of Grizzly Sms

The solutions described above do not suit your needs? The service Grizzly Sms offers an effective alternative approach to Tinder sign up without number. There is no need to purchase a SIM card, you can just buy a virtual number for Tinder for 20 cents. It will allow you to receive SMS messages, which will arrive in your personal cabinet.

Now, let us provide you with detailed instructions on how to make Tinder without number with the help of the service Grizzly Sms.

1. The first thing to do is to create an account on our website. Go to the registration form and type your email address. Afterward, specify a password for your new profile.


Image 2 Tinder sign up without number

2. In your personal cabinet, deposit the balance using one of the methods on offer.

3. On the homepage of the website, specify the parameters you are interested in (the name of the service and the country). That will allow you to purchase a Tinder virtual number.


Image 3 Create Tinder without cell phone

4. Go to the dating application. Pass a standard registration procedure. Choose to create an account via a phone number. You will be directed to the next tab. Fill in the virtual number you bought beforehand. Press “Continue”.


Image 4 How to sign up for Tinder without phone number via Grizzly Sms

5. In your personal cabinet on the service Grizzly Sms, you will find a notification about a message received. Open it and copy a confirmation code. You should insert it into the dating app.


Image 5 How to log into Tinder without number

The procedure of account creation is completed, so, you can fill in all the other information and start meeting new people. The method described is the easiest variant to register Tinder without a number and a SIM card.

The benefits offered by Grizzly Sms

Why should you turn to our platform? One can single out the following reasons:

  1. Low prices. Our virtual numbers are sold at the minimum cost compared to competitors.
  2. Safety. As practice shows, the dating service mentioned above treats our numbers in a tolerant way. So, a user will not get banned unexpectedly at once after registration. 
  3. Instant SMS receipt. If you need to create a Tinder account without phone number, you should take care of the time economy. Messages with activation codes appear in personal cabinets immediately.
  4. A large variety of numbers. We have hundreds and thousands of offers for every online source. In addition, there are contacts from more than 260 countries around the globe.

And don't forget about the convenient system of searching and buying virtual numbers. All those factors push the service Grizzly Sms to a leading position.