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Buy a virtual number for Weibo - step by step instructions

Weibo is a popular social network in China. Initially, the service was created for microblogging users. Over time, the functionality has been constantly expanded. Now the number of users has exceeded half a billion. The social network will be useful for those who are interested in China, learn the language, communicate with the people of the country or do business. In the latter case, creating an account will be a mandatory decision. To register, you must go through verification by phone. You may need to buy a virtual number for Weibo. The services of the “Grizzly Sms” service will perfectly help here.

how to buy a number for Weibo (Weibo)

Why you need to buy a Weibo number

Chinese services are negative about the situation when users can remain anonymous. This is a requirement from the state authorities. To gain access to the functionality of the social network, you need to go through the verification procedure by phone.

The question immediately arises - why do you need to buy a virtual number for Weibo, and not use your own contact. As practice shows, a phone not from China often does not receive messages or other problems occur. The service is heavily oriented towards local users. For example, if we try to enter a Russian contact, a message like "Weibo: Invalid number format" may be displayed.

Weibo invalid number format

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the catalog of our services. Here you can find phones that are guaranteed to be suitable for registering an account.

Another situation is that you need to create several accounts for promotion. Here, too, you cannot do without the use of virtual numbers. We are ready to supply the customer with the required quantity.

How to buy a Weibo number

Consider step by step instructions for making a purchase.

  1.  Go to the registration section. You must provide an email address to receive a link to create an account. You can speed up the execution of the task to one click. To do this, press the button to import data directly from the user's social network (Vkontakte, Instagram or Facebook).

buy Weibo number

  1. In the top menu we find the item "Top up the balance". This is required to make purchases on the site.

      3. A page opens with several deposit options. This includes Visa and MasterCard bank cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay payment systems, as well as cryptocurrency from the Payeer wallet. The description contains information about the commission when crediting funds. After selection, a new field appears. It contains the amount in rubles.

      4. We go to the store. You can buy a Weibo number here. Specify the country and service. You don't have to choose from a long list. Enter the name or part of it in the search field so that the system quickly issues matches. We press the "Buy" button.

Buy Weibo virtual number for registration


Now you have everything to register without any problems.

Why buy a Weibo number from us

Service "Grizzly Sms" is not the only site offering such services. We boldly talk about the presence of competitors, because we are able to offer customers numerous advantages.

  1. Low prices. You can buy a virtual number for Weibo cheaper than on other sites.
  2. Large selection. There are always hundreds and thousands of offers. This is especially convenient for those who require bulk shipments.
  3. Over 260 countries. Register for a number from anywhere in the world.
  4. Convenient interface. The control system is simple and intuitive.
  5. Purchase in a couple of clicks. Fill in two fields to place an order.
  6. Anonymity. Nobody will know your personal information.

If you have questions, please read the answers to them in the "Support" section.