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5 Excellent Money Making Tips for 2024


Sitting without work in 2024 is irresponsible and, frankly, not fun at all! With the abundance of highly specialized online platforms designed specifically to provide people who are willing to work with jobs and those who are willing to hire with the workforce, it is not a good idea to ignore potential side hustles.

We decided to put together a list of five great places to find work and make money in 2024. Note that for all services mentioned below, you can create an account with a virtual phone number from Grizzly SMS for just a couple of cents! It won’t put a strain on your wallet yet it may provide you with a functional account that can be used for job hunting!

#1. Create an Upwork account without a phone number

Upwork is a global corporation that has been around since at least 2015. The website is a place for business owners and specialists to gather in a professional environment. Job posts usually include a detailed description of a task that an employer wants done and all specialists are free to reply. Free users are afforded up to five free responses per day.

The platform offers many perks to its freelancers:

  • Connect to employers from around the globe effortlessly.
  • Workers choose projects, appropriate rates, and schedules.
  • You can work in different industries to gain valuable experience.
  • The escrow service makes sure that freelancers are paid in full.
  • It is a great destination for networking and building a strong portfolio.
  • You can register an Upwork account without a phone number quite easily.

Upwork claims that their freelancers reach up to $5,380 in gross sales value on average. It has over 793 thousand clients and enjoys dense online traffic with at least 40 million visits monthly. If you are a professional looking for work online, it is the best place to look for good projects.

#2. Make a Fiver account with a virtual phone number

Fiverr is a relatively new player in the sector internationally, but it has been offering services since 2010 locally, in Israel and the Middle East. The company requires its users to verify their identity using an SMS verification process and a meticulous vetting system to prevent unqualified freelancers from accessing the service.

The platform is known for its user-friendly interface allowing people without much technical know-how to access it without issues.

Here are some advantages that may sway you to make a Fiverr account without a phone number:

  • Express your creativity and showcase skills without any limitations.
  • Attract customers from all across the globe by offering unique services.
  • Use the fixed-price model to set appropriate prices.
  • Engage with the community of like-minded individuals and learn from the best.

Fiverr is often positioned as a great place for newcomers to start. You can offer services for just a couple of bucks to get a better grasp on how the platform works and slowly increase rates.

#3. Amazon — more than just a side hustle

If you want to become independent and build a business that has a global reach, you should think about opening a store on Amazon. Some people don’t have to pay anything and use drop shipping as their main way of making money on the platform. You can search for sellers of cheap goods and connect them to paying customers while collecting the price gap.

Amazon also has the Associates program allowing users to earn money from commission. You need to invite a new user who makes a purchase to collect it.

Here are some benefits enjoyed by Amazon users:

  • Sell to a massive global audience spread across the globe.
  • Save on logistics and delivery thanks to the Fulfilment centers.
  • Market your products using various instruments like promotions and ads.
  • Grow sales by reviewing analytical insights from Amazon.

Despite the fact that the platform uses SMS verification for new users, you can create a new Amazon account with a virtual phone number if you don’t have one.

#4. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great gig

If you have some free time on your hands and think that you can perform simple tasks quickly and efficiently, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good place to make money quickly. The platform allows users to complete very simple “mechanical” tasks like image recognition, data entry, text recognition, and more to earn a couple of cents per task. It does not seem like much, but scale matters!

People with quick brains and hands can make a living on Mechanical Turk but it works better as a side hustle for those who have time and want to make some money without leaving the comfort of their homes. You can create an Amazon account with a temporary phone number and use it to access the Mechanical Turk website!

#5. TaskRabbit is the ultimate side gig

In the current economy, many people are using Uber Eats and Drive to make money by providing transportation, but you can do chores for money even without a car, although having one would help. The website connects users with freelancers who are willing to do some basic tasks like grocery shopping, courier deliveries, and anything else you might need.

The company operates in the US, UK, and Central Europe. All users are required to verify their identities with an SMS code. However, you can bypa this issue. Buy a cheap temporary phone number from over 100 countries at Grizzly SMS and create as many TaskRabbit accounts as you need!

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