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TOP5 Hot Websites Where You Need a Temporary Phone Number

All popular online platforms want to regulate user counts and get rid of bots. The most straightforward way of doing so is by implementing an SMS verification process to eliminate bad actors who want to simply create as many accounts as they want. Unfortunately, it makes it hard for many users to access these platforms.

You can get a virtual phone number for SMS verification and bypass this limitation quite easily. Highly specialized online services like Grizzly SMS allow people to quickly register new accounts at various social media websites, trading platforms, and more.

While some people believe that they do not need to use a virtual phone number, many benefits to do so exist. Here are some of them:

  • Personal data safety. You do not have to disclose sensitive information to online platforms which often sell it to data brokers.
  • Complete privacy. With over 97% of all NA internet users concerned with privacy, staying anonymous is an understandable desire.
  • Multiple registrations. Some users may want to have several accounts to separate their news feeds, business and personal life, and for other purposes.

We decided to put together a comprehensive list of popular online websites that require SMS verification. In many cases, having several accounts on such platforms is very useful for commercial and personal reasons.

Get a phone number for Baidu — a powerful Chinese digital ecosystem

When it comes to exploring the Chinese part of the world wide web, avoiding Baidu and WeChat is close to impossible. These are extremely popular platforms with Baidu controlling over 60% of the search engine market share domestically. Without having an account, you won’t be able to do some basic stuff like communicating to friends or doing business in China.

You can use virtual phone numbers for Baidu from Grizzly SMS and create multiple accounts for business purposes or simply search the web more efficiently. Note that using authentic virtual phone numbers from China is a good idea if you want to reliably make a Baidu account and use all components of this diverse ecosystem.

Buy temporary phone numbers for Amazon

In 2023, the market share of Amazon in the US online retailing sector was larger than 37% which is incredibly high! While many think that you only need one Amazon account, many business owners prefer creating several to artificially boost their sales and write reviews. Buyers also benefit from using several accounts for different types of purchases.

The company has a strong corporate presence internationally, but it is a wise idea to use virtual phone numbers for SMS verification that originate from the country where you plan to buy or sell goods and services via Amazon. With a massive catalog featuring over 100 countries of origin for temporary phone numbers, Grizzly SMS is a great destination for people interested in making multiple Amazon accounts!

Create Yahoo accounts using virtual phone numbers

After losing a massive portion of the market share to Google and its digital ecosystem, Yahoo moved down in popularity rankings. However, it is still an important provider of web search functionality, e-mail services, and more. The Yahoo e-mail service is often used for online marketing purposes with a 500 letters per day limit.

Many business owners bypass this limitation and purchase virtual phone numbers for Yahoo SMS verification to create several e-mail addresses and send advertisements or promotional letters to thousands of users simultaneously.

Get a FREE TikTok phone number and promote your channel

TikTok is a massive social media platform with a strong focus on short-form videos. During the lase five years, it became an international phenomenon with millions of people creating entertaining viral clips. You may want to have a different account to separate your viewing history. Go to Grizzly SMS and get a free phone number for TikTok if you just need a separate account.

However, it is also a great idea to create multiple accounts to publish viral videos and prop them up artificially. Even a couple of comments can make a difference and make algorithm suggest your videos more often. Whether you are a creator or a regular viewer of content, having additional TikTok accounts will provide many benefits!

Go through Ebay’s SMS verification process without any issues

One of the biggest international classifieds platforms and a massive e-commerce website is Ebay. Despite losing some of its market share to competitors, it is still an important commercial ecosystem allowing millions of users to easily sell and buy used and new goods. Having several accounts is never a bad idea whether you plan to buy or sell on the platform!

Regardless of your goals for using this website, you can get virtual phone numbers for Ebay registration quickly and easily at Grizzly SMS. Create as many new accounts as you need and enjoy the full range of features offered by Ebay!

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