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How to recover 1xbet password?

1xbet is a bookmaker which offers everyone interested to put bets on sports events. This organization differs from its competitors due to the coefficients which are stably high. Another important advantage is prompt payouts. Users can always withdraw funds from their accounts.

Yet, from time to time, users may lose access to their profiles. Then, they start to think about how to recover 1xbet account. In such situations, one must use the contact data provided during the registration process. That includes an electronic address and a phone number. In addition, every user obtains an identifier (ID) – a unique combination of 9 digits.

Yet, it is not always possible to get your profile back. Then, you should consider creating a new one. For that, the Grizzly Sms service offers to buy a virtual number for registration on 1xbet. Prices start from 20 cents.

How to recover my 1xbet account – a step-by-step guide

As it was noted earlier, there are several methods of returning access to a profile. Let us describe the major options in more detail.

How do I recover my 1xbet account via an email address?

Take the following actions:

  1. In the top right corner of the screen, press “Log in” and tap on the “Forgot your password” link.

How to recover 1xbet password - a guide

      2. Open the window, where there are two options accessible. Choose the “By e-mail” method. Enter the electronic address and pass captcha (if it is offered). Then, press the “Create a new password” button.

How to change 1xbet password by email

      3. The system will form a letter for you and send it to the electronic address you specified during the registration. It will contain the link to the form for changing a password. Go through this procedure. Afterward, it is enough to authorize on the website using the new data.

Letters from the bookmaker company often get into the “Spam” folder. If it doesn’t arrive immediately, it is advisable to check this folder.

How to change 1xbet password via a phone number?

In this case, the first step is identical to the first point described in the previous guide.

  1. When you open the form for restoring the password, choose “By phone number”. Select the code of your mobile operator’s country and go through the spam check.

How do I recover my 1xbet account via phone number

      2. You will receive an SMS message with a confirmation code and instructions to the number specified. Now, you can create a new password and log in using it.

How to recover 1xbet ID with the help of the support service?

In some situations, the guidelines offered above cannot provide the results needed. There are cases when users receive such a notification:

“Error. The phone number/email is not confirmed”.

In such a case, one must get in touch with a representative of the company. The easiest method is to tap on the “Ask a question” window in the bottom right corner.

How to recover my 1xbet account

You can also call a contact number. In any case, you must explain the situation, afterward, you should follow the instructions.

How to make a new profile on this bookmaker platform via the Grizzly Sms service?

It is not always possible to 1xbet recover password via any of the methods specified above. In such a situation, it is recommended to register a new ID.  The biggest difficulty is the necessity of providing a mobile number that has never been used for this platform before. The Grizzly Sms store offers to buy a disposable number for passing verification. Let us discuss this procedure in more detail:

  1. Make a profile on the Grizzly Sms. The registration implies entering an electronic address. A quick variant is using an account on a social network (Vkontakte, Facebook, or Instagram) to import data with one click.

How to recover 1xbet password

      2. Let us proceed to replenish the personal balance.

How to retrieve 1xbet account


       3. Select a payment system. Users have access to such methods as cryptocurrency, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank cards (Visa and MasterCard). When the suitable variant is chosen, press the “Pay” button.

How to recover 1xbet ID

      4. Go to purchasing a virtual number. Specify its country and the service for registration. You can either select these parameters from the corresponding lists or just type them in the search window on your own.

Buy a virtual number for 1xbet sign-up

      5. Go to the betting website to create a profile. Fill in the questionnaire. Enter the temporary phone number you have bought earlier and press “Send SMS”. Return to the Grizzly Sms service, where you must see the notification about the message. Open it and copy the confirmation code. Finish the registration on the bookmaker website.

1xbet recover password methods

One must note that users often decide to make a new profile to receive welcome bonuses. We’ve discussed this aspect in more detail in the corresponding article on our blog.