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How to quickly unblock a BlaBlaCar account?


If you need to get from point A to point B, a ride-sharing service becomes an excellent alternative to public transport. But if your BlaBlaCar account gets blocked, unblocking it quickly is unlikely. And then all the advantages of carpooling quickly disappear.

If you want to avoid the described situation, we recommend reading this material. In it, you'll find answers to the following questions:

  • why BlaBlaCar accounts get blocked;
  • how to unblock it in case of blocking;
  • how to avoid blocking;
  • what to do if you can't restore access to your account.

But if you're in a hurry and don't have time to read, we recommend using virtual numbers for registering a new profile in BlaBlaCar from the Grizzly SMS activation service. They are inexpensive, their use is anonymous, and most importantly - they guarantee SMS reception and give an excellent opportunity to get a new account in the ride-sharing app.

Restore BlaBlaCar account: reasons for blocking

This service is equipped with a special blocking mechanism that can unexpectedly close access to user accounts. It's almost impossible to quickly unblock a BlaBlaCar account in case of blocking. Therefore, it's important to know the reasons why blocking may occur. If you're a driver and offer rides in your vehicle through the app, pay attention to what can cause your account to be banned:

  • canceling a trip without a valid reason, especially if accompanied by negative feedback from passengers. The blocking mechanism works flawlessly. Restoring a Blablacar account in this case will be difficult;
  • providing false information in the profile. If a passenger reports this to the administration, the account may be closed immediately, often without the possibility of recovery;
  • creating duplicate accounts. Drivers can post ads for several available seats within one trip. Owners of more spacious vehicles sometimes duplicate profiles, but the service carefully removes duplicate accounts;
  • requesting prepayment before the trip starts. Drivers are not allowed to require prepayment before the journey begins, even if they want to protect themselves from passenger no-shows;
  • extorting an amount for the trip that exceeds the calculated amount by 50 percent or more;
  • overstating the number of available seats. This is equated to canceling a trip without a valid reason.

A passenger will have to unblock their BlaBlaCar account if they are accused of:

  • disrupting a trip (no-show) without a valid reason;
  • attempting to send cargo and animals through drivers; other services exist for such needs;
  • canceling a booking at the last moment. If this happens repeatedly, the profile may be closed;
  • attempting to ride for free. The service is created for mutually beneficial conditions for the driver and passenger, so it's better not to try to persuade the driver to give a free ride;
  • the passenger should not expect to be driven to their doorstep if this was not agreed upon in advance.

All these situations can lead to restricted access to your Blablacar account. It's important to strictly follow the service rules and avoid conflict situations.

How to unblock an account in BlaBlaCar?

To restore access to your personal account, you should contact technical support by leaving a message describing the problem and waiting for a response. It's possible that the blocking occurred accidentally, and your account will be restored after reviewing your appeal.

If you violated the rules, but the complaints against you are exaggerated, you need to describe the situation in detail and wait for the administration's verdict.

What's the fastest way to restore a Blablacar account by phone? The main rule is to control your emotions and communicate tactfully with service representatives, showing yourself in a favorable light.

How to unblock BlaBlaCar and not lose access to it?

Profile blocking on the ride-sharing service very rarely occurs due to a system error. Most often, it's the result of violating regulations. The presence of numerous complaints against one user guarantees a negative reaction from the administration.

To avoid such situations, study and follow all important rules from the very beginning of using the service. Ignorance of the regulations won't save you from the need to find ways to unblock BlaBlaCar.

How to unblock BlaBlaCar if nothing helps?

If neither knowledge of the regulations nor our instructions helped you unblock BlaBlaCar, and you still need to travel, there's one last resort: you need to create a new account on the ride-sharing service using a virtual number.

The profile obtained through SMS activation will be just as full-fledged as one registered in the traditional way. Additionally, you won't have to buy a new starter pack or share your confidential data with third parties. Use the Grizzly SMS service if you need to restore BlaBlaCar by phone number; we have the most favorable conditions:

  • low prices for receiving SMS to register new accounts;
  • guaranteed message delivery;
  • more than 200 services;
  • more than 150 countries of mobile operators;
  • convenient payment methods;
  • high operating speed;
  • competent support chat.

And here you can find detailed instructions and be able to restore your BlaBlaCar account without a phone number.

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