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Buy a BlaBlaCar account quickly and inexpensively

BlaBlaCar is a service that allows you to find a car with fellow travelers in the direction of interest. It has gained huge popularity in many countries of the world. You can easily find a driver or a traveling companion for the date of interest, even if we are talking about a little popular route. Often there is a need to buy a BlaBlaCar account. Sales services offer various specialized resources.

buy a BlaBlaCar account

How to buy a virtual number for account registration BlaBlaCar

Creating an account in the way described above can be divided into two stages. First you need to purchase a virtual number, then register for it. We will provide detailed instructions.

  1. Create a profile on the "Grizzly Sms" service. To do this, go to the registration form, where you need to specify an email address. An alternative method allows you to complete this task in one click. Provides for the import of data from the user's social network (VK, Facebook or Instagram). It is not allowed to transfer customer data to third parties. Any personal information will remain confidential.

how to buy a BlaBlaCar account

  1. Go to the section "Top up the balance".

Buy a BlaBlaCar account - instructions

  1. Several payment methods will be offered. You can make a transfer using Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay services, as well as through the Payeer wallet. In the description, the commission is indicated next to the method. When choosing a specific method, an additional field appears for entering the amount. The minimum transfer is $2.8.

Buy a BlaBlaCar account with reviews

  1. Now you can directly purchase a virtual number. This is more effective than buying a BlaBlaCar account. In the first field we specify the country, in the second the service. You can find the option you are interested in in the list or enter the name (or part). Click the buy button opposite the issued match.

buy a virtual number to register on BlaBlaCar

The virtual number is saved in the "Active Number" section. If a large batch is purchased, it is recommended to contact the site manager to get a discount.

How to register a BlaBlaCar account using a virtual number

Let's move on to the second stage. Here the standard registration procedure is carried out on the travel companion search service.

  1. Fill in all the data in the output windows. 

Ways to buy a BlaBlaCar account

  1. At a certain moment, a mobile phone verification page is issued. The user is required to enter the virtual number that he purchased earlier. We confirm sending SMS.

BlaBlaCar account - how to buy

  1. To receive SMS, we return to the personal account on the "Grizzly Sms" website. The message arrives instantly, in rare cases it is required to wait a few minutes. Copy the verification code and enter it on BlaBlaCar. We are transferred to the profile page – registration is completed.

buy a BlaBlaCar account cheap

This method is easier and more reliable than buying a BlaBlaCar account. As for the virtual number, it is deleted from our database for sale. No one else will be able to use it for this service.

Why is it better to register for a virtual number rather than buy a BlaBlaCar account

Do you want to use the best option. It should be discussed in more detail why buying an account would not be the best solution. There are several factors here.

  1. Reliability. Buying a BlaBlaCar account with reviews is always a risk. The owner may not comply with the terms of the transaction. For example, after some time, access will be returned, because it owns the phone number to which registration was made. Another common problem is selling one batch to multiple customers.
  2. The probability of blocking. The resource administration is actively fighting fake profiles and accounts registered by automatic methods. This is the approach sellers use. Don't be surprised if after purchasing a batch, half of the profiles will get banned in a few days.
  3. Expenses. Buying a BlaBlaCar account only at first glance looks financially profitable. If we take into account the above, the price of direct and indirect costs increases significantly.

And what can we say about the option of buying a virtual number and registering for it? In this case, the problems described earlier are excluded. The user is the sole owner of the accounts, and they are not considered suspicious for the system.


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