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How to create a second DiDi account


Mobile applications have led to the beginning of the era of affordable taxis, when anyone can become a driver with their own transport. The rules of the services allow you to earn extra money or provide full employment for the owner of the vehicle. The DiDi application is very popular. In 2023, information appeared that the aggregator was leaving Russia. As it turned out, the management changed its decision after reviewing the market situation. 

how to create a second DiDi account

To use the service, you need to create an account. In some cases, you need to create a second DiDi account. The main difficulty arises with a mobile number. Not everyone has an additional contact. It is not necessary to issue a new one, since you can specify a virtual number. Its differences from the real one is in the absence of a physical carrier in the form of a SIM card. SMS messages come via the Internet, which is very convenient.

Why do I need to create a second DiDi account

Such events are most often required by passengers. The taxi service offers various bonuses and discounts for new customers. Having a second DiDi account is a great opportunity to get benefits again while traveling. A similar scheme works any number of times. This is a legal way to constantly drive with discounts.

 Registration of 2 DiDi accounts

We will separately note the financial side of the issue. Is it really possible to achieve benefits with the constant creation of new profiles? Registration of the second DiDi account is carried out in a few minutes – from the purchase of a virtual number to the receipt of a ready account. The cost of the phone is only a few cents. The discount for the first trip is from 30 to 50%. This allows you to save money by spending just a few minutes.

How to buy a virtual number for registration in DiDi

Consider the purchase process on the "Grizzly Sms" website. 

  1. Go to the registration. menu. Specify the email address where the confirmation link will be sent. Do you want to create an account in one click? Then we suggest using the option to import data from social networks (VK, Facebook or Instagram). Enough to click on the corresponding icon. All fields will be filled in automatically in one click.

Ways to create a second DiDi account

      2. Click "Top up balance" in the top menu.

Two DiDi accounts - how to create

      3. We are taken to a page where you need to choose a way to replenish your personal account. There are several ways to choose from. This includes Visa/MasterCard bank cards, Google Pay/Apple Pay payment systems and the Payeer cryptocurrency wallet. The description provides information about the amount of the commission. We specify the appropriate method, a window for entering the amount appears. The minimum deposit amount is set at $2.6.

 Registration of two DiDi accounts

      4. Go to the main point. You need to buy a virtual number to register a second DiDi account. The store offers two fields. The first indicates the country, the second indicates the service of interest. You can choose an option from the list or enter it yourself in the appropriate field. The system gives matches. There is additional information about the number of available numbers and the cost per piece.

Register multiple DiDi accounts

The service offers to buy any numbers. In the case of a wholesale batch, it is recommended to contact the manager for an individual discount. This will allow you to create multiple DiDi accounts at a lower price. The FAQ page has answers to questions and a feedback form.

How to create many DiDi accounts using a virtual number

We proceed directly to registration. We have a virtual phone, which is available on the "Grizzly Sms" website in the "Active numbers" section. Enter it in the appropriate field when registering.

Register many DiDi accounts

SMS can be received in the personal account "Grizzly Sms". It comes almost instantly, a notification appears in the profile. The user is only required to open the message and copy the verification code. We return to DiDi's website to specify the numbers and enter the captcha.

how to create two DiDi accounts

In a similar way, you can create two accounts or many DiDi accounts, depending on the requests.


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