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Registration in Verny without a phone number

Today, you can make bargain purchases with maximum comfort, without even leaving your home! Registration in Verny without a number will help you with this. Started as a local supermarket in Kaluga, today this retail chain has more than 1000 stores throughout Russia. Activation in Verny without a number will be very useful to all those who:

  • uses Internet services, but prefers not to expose his real contacts;
  • orders delivery of cheap goods to your home;
  • uses the Verny mobile application and understands how to take advantage of additional discounts and bonuses when registering multiple accounts;
  • lost access to his office in the system of discounter supermarkets and does not want to buy a new real phone number.

How do I register at Vernomfle without a number using the Grizzly Sms service?

To find out how to make a personal account in Verny without a number, read our instructions, divided for your convenience into two parts:

  1. Buying a temporary number for receiving SMS:
    • go to the "Grizzly Sms" start page. In the upper right corner of the site, find the "Login" button and click it;
    • you will be offered authorization to choose from using your email address or profile on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte;
    • check the balance in your personal account and make sure that you have enough funds in your account to buy a virtual number for Verny (our prices are one of the lowest on the market). In case of a shortage - top up your account in a couple of clicks using any convenient payment system;
    • select the country of the operator, to whose number the verification code will be sent, and the Internet service itself (the Verny supermarket chain);
    • click “Buy” and copy the generated phone number;
  2. Registration in Verny without a phone number:
    • on the website of the retail network, use the received number to register a new profile;
    • a message with a code to complete registration will be sent to your account on "Grizzly Sms";
    • copy the code into the corresponding window, and the activation of Correct without number will be completed.

Now you can use the new account as you wish.

Why is a virtual number better than a real one?

Signing up at Verny without a phone number has a number of advantages over traditional account creation, namely:

  • low prices for receiving registration messages online, which allows you to save on the purchase of a starter pack. By the way, have time to take advantage of the promotion 1 + 1 = 3 (when you buy two virtual numbers, you get the third one for free);
  • anonymity. When using the service, your real contact information is not shown anywhere;
  • the ability to buy any number of accounts at once on all popular Internet sites;
  • high speed of work and responsive support service will provide you with the most comfortable working conditions for the service.