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Claude 2: a powerful competitor to ChatGPT

Last year we were amazed by the neural network-based chatbot ChatGPT, which has been showcasing wonders of direct interaction between machine code and humans for many months. Today, there exist dozens of services that, to some extent, utilize artificial intelligence. And while until recently there was no serious competitor to OpenAI's product, it seems one has emerged. We are talking about Claude 2 AI from the American company Anthropic. Let's get acquainted.

Claude 2: general information

Claude 2 is a powerful language model developed by Anthropic, a research firm in the field of artificial intelligence, with the main goal of serving as a useful conversationalist.

The natural conversational abilities of Claude 2 AI allow it to engage in two-way dialogue, answer common questions, and perform basic instructions and logical scenarios. Additionally, Claude's extensive general knowledge in technical, scientific, and cultural areas, along with its multilingual capabilities, make it a valuable tool for those seeking fast and accurate answers to a wide range of questions.

In this regard, the new product is similar to ChatGPT, which is also an artificial intelligence capable of assisting with writing text and answering questions on various topics.

According to representatives of Anthropic, is a next-generation assistant based on research on creating useful, ethical, and safe AI systems.

Claude 2: capabilities

Thanks to its extensive set of features and knowledge it has been trained on, Claude 2 is capable of easily performing the following tasks for free:

  • Content creation
  • Code creation
  • Question and answer
  • Summarizing information
  • Information search
  • Acting as a chatbot
  • Engaging in dialogue
  • Customer service

How to use Claude 2?

Currently, the service is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, with the use of a VPN, one can connect to the servers and access it. Additionally, registration requires an American or British phone number (reliable virtual numbers will suffice).

Similar to ChatGPT, Claude 2 free provides an intuitive user interface in the form of a chat window, allowing for more visual interaction with the system through text messages exchange. Users can ask questions and receive answers, simulating human conversation.

Like its competitor, the Claude chatbot provides the ability to rate answers as "liked" or "disliked". This allows developers to receive feedback and improve the quality of the language model's performance over time.

How is Claude 2 different from ChatGPT?

If you ask this AI what sets it apart from ChatGPT, based on its answer, you can generally highlight the following distinctive features:

  • more "human-like conversation";
  • knowledge up to the year 2023;
  • ability to reason logically and draw conclusions;
  • ability to discuss any open topics;
  • understanding users' intentions;
  • references to sources of information;
  • acknowledgement of ignorance;
  • prevention of potential harm to users.
  • Based on the above, it can be succinctly concluded that chat AI Claude tends to provide more accurate and safe answers.

Claude 2: safety above all

Anthropic positions itself as a company engaged in research in the field of AI usage safety. Claude 2 AI is based on the principles of the AI Constitution, which is a methodology for ensuring safety and ethics in AI content creation. This method includes establishing strict fundamental rules that the neural network uses to determine the ethicality of responses.

The chatbot Claude 2 utilizes this system to reduce the level of harm, discrimination, or "toxicity" in responses. Additionally, it is more resistant to potential security breaches, which sets it apart from ChatGPT. While some may consider this a limitation, stricter security measures ensure more reliable use of AI tools, especially for children.

How to formulate a request to the chatbot Claude 2?

When interacting with systems such as ChatGPT or Claude 2, it is important to be specific and precise in your requests. Neural networks do not know the context that may be in your mind, and they cannot assume what you mean. To avoid misunderstandings, it is important to avoid ambiguities and provide clear and concise instructions.

Anthropic recommends formulating requests as if you were communicating with a nine-year-old child who has a wide vocabulary but lacks context. This approach involves providing all necessary details, including the task's objective and relevant information, to ensure the understanding and appropriate response from the artificial intelligence.

Specificity and precision in your requests allow AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude 2 to achieve better results. These tools analyze input data and generate output based on patterns and correlations in their data. If the requests are vague or ambiguous, the results may be unexpected, containing errors or inaccuracies. To ensure understanding of your intention, it is important to be clear and avoid ambiguity.

Claude 2: Writing Poetry

The creators of Claude 2 claim that it is capable of communicating in multiple languages and can create poems, including in the Russian language. Not all poems may be perfect, but this is progress in the development of AI in this field (it seems that as of September 2023, no AI had demonstrated such abilities, although this is not certain).

Analyzing, Visualizing, and Modeling CSV with Claude 2

Claude 2 also possesses the ability to work with CSV files and extract information using statistical analysis, visualization, and modeling. It can handle large volumes of data, interpret them, and identify patterns and relationships. This can be useful when working with large datasets.

Claude 2: Programming Skills

Claude 2 also shows potential in the field of coding. Unlike ChatGPT, which has limited contextual understanding, Claude can process large blocks of code and provide higher quality responses in programming. This makes it a valuable tool for developers and programmers. However, these claims are only made by the developers, and time will tell.

Claude 2: Limitations

It is important to note that Claude 2 is not a perfect artificial intelligence and has its limitations. It can make mistakes, including inaccurately assessing its abilities and providing incorrect answers. It can also make errors in mathematical calculations and reasoning. Additionally, it does not have internet access and is limited to the data available during its training.


Claude 2 is a powerful tool with the potential to improve various areas. While ChatGPT remains a leader in many aspects, Claude, developed by Anthropic, showcases strengths in content creation, data analysis, and coding. With further training and development, Claude 2 could become a valuable tool for users in need of assistance with various tasks.


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