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Choosing an AI Network to Create a Resume

Artificial intelligence doesn’t work for us yet, but it already helps with job searching. We’re talking about the popular tool called an AI network. Creating a resume with its help is a snap. But how do you choose the right AI-based CV maker? We’ve tried various resources and are happy to share our TOP list of such services.

Remember that many services require account registration with a phone number. If you don’t want to reveal your personal mobile, it is recommended to use a virtual number. You can find working options for most popular platforms on the Grizzly SMS SMS activator website. It's anonymous and inexpensive. There are always many free numbers available from 100+ country operators. SMS delivery guaranteed!

What issues does an AI network address for resumes?

The main function of the reviewed services is to help the applicant create a dossier that will get them a job offer. To achieve this goal, “smart” services help a person solve several tasks:

  1. Using AI to create a resume, you can easily build a new dossier from scratch.
  2. The AI-based resume checking tool will help you analyze and evaluate your existing dossier. If desired, you can use the resume checking tool to improve your outdated, manually created resume. After that, it will be optimized in the constructor based on various templates.
  3. Editing resume sections that may be identified as most at risk for misuse of AI in the interests of third parties. You are unlikely to like the disclosure of your personal data to a wide audience, so you should not neglect this opportunity.

ResumeStar is a free online editor that uses AI for resumes. It is specifically designed for recent graduates and IT candidates.

This tool increases your chances of employment and creates a modern one-page resume.

With ResumeStar, you can standardize and verify your resume using artificial intelligence, which will help you stand out from the many other candidates.

You can have the AI network create a resume and then send it as a QR code, which significantly simplifies its storage and transfer.


  • Modern resume format
  • Standardization of documents


  • Potential data theft risk associated with QR code use
  • Limited settings

Pricing: This service is free for everyone to use.


The Rezi Resume Builder will quickly build you a full resume tailored to your field of expertise. At first, it asks for information about your field and automatically formats the resume accordingly.

Then you enter your contact information and provide a brief professional overview to create a resume using AI. Rezi allows you to list your work experience, projects, education, qualifications, skills, and more.

Finally, the service automatically optimizes your resume using effective keywords to help you get past applicant tracking systems.


  • Ability to create a free resume
  • Keyword optimization services
  • Quick and easy process


  • Limited selection of templates and fonts
  • Only one free resume available

Pricing: You can have the AI network create your resume for free once. The premium subscription for further use starts at $3 per month.


Kickresume is an AI resume writing tool that also handles cover letters. It offers users over 50 templates with step-by-step instructions to create a professional resume or cover letter in just a few minutes.

Kickresume also allows you to create core personal webpages from your resumes with just one click. You also get access to templates, grammar checking tools, support centers, and security tools. Additionally, you can import information from LinkedIn to populate your AI-generated resume on this platform.


  • Wide selection of various cover letter and resume templates
  • Ability to import information from LinkedIn
  • Provides ready-made material


  • No support for other social networks

Pricing: You can start with the free plan, and premium subscriptions start at €19 per month.


The Mosaic AI resume builder will help you pick suitable keywords and suggest topics that can grab the attention of various recruiting agencies to build a resume using AI.

It will also let you examine mistakes and issues with your resume writing. The program will also evaluate the strengths of your resume to help you create a more effective document. This tool works well for optimizing existing resumes.


  • Provides superior optimization
  • Explores keywords and topics used by recruiting teams
  • Assesses resume strengths and weaknesses


  • Limited font and template choices
  • The AI-generated resume may contain minor punctuation errors
  • Resume generation takes time

Pricing: This tool is free for all users.


The Skillroads resume generator allows you to create a resume for free and provides resume writing assistance. By filling out a questionnaire, it can quickly generate a professionally-looking resume in just a few minutes. You can also improve your resume with

AI here.

Skillroads is easy-to-use software that doesn't require lengthy descriptions from you. It also offers paid services for experienced professionals to write your cover letters and resumes.


  • Ability to create an AI resume for free
  • Availability of professional resume writers
  • Uses a questionnaire method to simplify the process


  • Limited customization
  • The AI resume creator may write with some errors
  • Premium subscription cost unknown

Pricing is not listed here, so you need to contact sales.

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