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What is the best neural network for learning - TOP 10

The term "neural network" is already over eight decades old, but only the last couple of years it has become widely known to the average user. And all because the services based on this principle began to penetrate into all spheres of human life. Learning is no exception. Today, many use neural networks to learn English, programming, mathematics, creating images, etc. There are so many different services that it becomes an impossible task to understand them from scratch.

This problem troubled the editorial staff of "Grizzly SMS", and we decided to create our own guide on educational services based on artificial intelligence. Read carefully, and perhaps you will find your free neural network for learning.

How is a neural network useful for learning?

So what can AI actually give to those who want to gain new knowledge and skills? It turns out, a lot. Neural networks play a significant role in the learning process for schoolchildren and students, providing a number of tools and resources that facilitate learning and increase its effectiveness. What neural networks for teaching children and adults can do:

  • write essays, compositions, diplomas;
  • answer questions on different subjects;
  • solve problems, for example in mathematics, physics or programming;
  • write music;
  • work with images (colorization, improving quality, removing unnecessary objects from photos, creating logos, drawing copies - far from a complete list of skills that can be mastered with AI);
  • neural network for learning languages helps many;
  • convert text to speech (convenient for memorizing educational material by ear);
  • create presentations.

And here's how neural networks for learning specifically help those who want to learn:

  1. Neural networks can adapt educational material to the individual needs of the student. They can analyze learning data and offer personalized assignments and resources based on the knowledge level, learning style and interests of each student;
  2. Many online courses and educational platforms use neural networks to create adaptive courses, automate assignment grading, provide feedback, and personalized learning recommendations;
  3. Some automatic grading systems used in education are based on neural networks. This can be automatic checking of answers on tests, essay grading, or pronunciation analysis when learning foreign languages;
  4. An online neural network for learning can provide interactive tasks, games and exercises that make the learning process more exciting and effective;
  5. Neural networks can be used to analyze learning data, identify patterns and predict student performance. This can help teachers and school/university administrators make decisions, for example, in developing individualized curricula or improving the quality of educational programs;
  6. Natural language processing technologies based on neural networks are used to create intelligent tutors, learning chatbots, automatic translation systems, and other applications that improve communication and information access for students;
  7. Neural networks can support the development of training applications using virtual and augmented reality, creating a more interactive and immersive learning environment.

In general, a neural network for teaching a person plays a key role in the development of innovative educational technologies that make learning more accessible, effective and exciting for schoolchildren and students.

And now let's take a closer look at the best neural networks for learning and education.

OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art service in this subject. It is the best neural network for learning today. Its use in creating interactive and engaging forms of learning allows for dialogue between the user and the system, which in turn facilitates the explanation of complex topics. This approach can significantly improve the assimilation of material and make learning for young students more interactive and attractive. In addition, ChatGPT capabilities can be successfully used to learn foreign languages, creating dialogues in the language you want to learn. It is also a very convenient neural network for learning programming.

By the way, on the Grizzly SMS website you can get inexpensive virtual numbers to register accounts in OpenAI services with guaranteed SMS delivery and completely anonymously.

Gamma AI

Gamma AI is an excellent neural network for creating presentations. It is based on the GPT-4 engine and creates presentations with an interesting and restrained appearance. The neural network for teaching students automatically adds infographics, tables and images to the slides.

However, it should be borne in mind that when creating a presentation in Russian, it is necessary to carefully check the text created by Gamma, since sometimes the neural network makes mistakes in declining words or skips them.

Math GPT

MathGPT is an innovative neural network for learning designed to help solve mathematical problems. It uses deep learning to analyze mathematical formulas and solve complex problems.

With MathGPT you can quickly and easily solve math problems of varying complexity.

Notion AI

Notion AI is an effective artificial intelligence tool designed for generating and editing texts. This web service combines the capabilities of a text editor and a database aggregator.

In simple terms, it is a kind of notebook with advanced features: databases, text editor, insertion of mathematical formulas, creation of lists, as well as kanban boards on which tasks can be organized by category.


Yippity is an innovative neural network developed to assist in exam preparation. It applies deep learning to comprehend study material and exam questions. This neural network is useful for teaching children and adults.

It allows users to prepare for exams efficiently and effortlessly, increasing their chances of successful passing.


Perplexity is a search engine with artificial intelligence.

Its main advantage is that it provides a list of sources where information can be found for a query. This makes the free neural network for learning one of the best tools of this type. In addition, this tool suggests similar queries that may be useful when searching for the required information.

Explain Me Like I’m Five

Explain Me Like I'm Five is a neural network that can explain complex things so that even children can understand them. It uses deep learning to comprehend complex concepts and ideas.


Glasp is an innovative neural network for learning, designed to extract text from educational YouTube videos. It allows the user to obtain the necessary information from the video without having to watch it in full. Such functionality is especially useful if video material is required to create other content, translate or analyze.


With ChatBA, this neural network for learning languages, it is easy to interact with foreigners and understand their thoughts and ideas.

GTP for sheets

GPT for Sheets is an extension based on the same neural network as ChatGPT, but now it is available in Google Sheets. With this extension, the neural network for learning can:

  • analyze input data;
  • format and generate text;
  • respond to emails;
  • make translations and much more.

Remember that you can only use Google's web services if you have an account. And to register it, you will need a phone number. And it is best to use a virtual one that is inexpensive and allows you to receive SMS in any case.

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