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Buy a KakaoTolk account quickly and inexpensively


There are not many messengers. Especially when you try to stay in touch with people from different countries and continents. However, most communication services today require users to register using a personal mobile number. Which is not always convenient, especially if you are the owner of a Russian number in 2023. Therefore, today we are telling you how to get around this problem and buy a Kakao Talk account

This messenger is a convenient tool for communicating with more than 150 million users from South Korea and more than 100 countries around the world. The service is especially popular at home in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where its application is installed on 95% of local smartphones. If you intend to conduct business or personal life in any way in this developed East Asian country, it will be very useful for you to learn how to buy a Kakao Talk account.

How to buy a Kakao Talk account using a virtual number?

Yes, SMS activation using a temporary number is the best way in 2023 to create a profile in any Internet service, including all popular messengers in the world. If you decide to buy an account in this way, you will not lose, because:

  • virtual numbers are noticeably more accessible than their real counterparts, since they are used only once to receive a message with a verification code (and most likely you won't need the number anymore, why overpay?). They are also cheaper and already existing accounts, which are also the subject of trade
  • getting a temporary number is a very simple and short process. It's definitely faster and easier than running to a local mobile phone store for a new starter package. Or than searching for a seller of existing profiles;
  • high level of reliability of the account created using the SMS activation service. The same high as the account created in the standard way. But in the case of buying a profile “by hand”, you can never be sure of the security of such a “registration”. Suddenly tomorrow the account will be blocked for an unknown reason or just the password will not fit it?

Now you should decide on the provider of virtual numbers. Why is it best to buy a KakaoTalk account using the "Grizzly Sms" service? Here are a number of benefits that all our customers receive:

  • the most affordable prices for one-time reception of SMS messages from social networks, messengers and all other online services. Cheaper than ours are only free unreliable contacts with zero guarantee of receiving SMS;
  • consistently high quality of services. In any case, you will receive a message with a verification code, or your money will remain with you;
  • we always have numbers from operators from all countries of the world for all popular Internet sites, and in sufficient quantity;
  • we have provided all popular payment methods. Thanks to this, you will have no problems with replenishing your account (we accept all types of bank cards, cryptocurrencies and electronic money). Wherever you are, before you buy a KakaoTalk account;
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface guarantees high speed of work with our service. And a well-thought-out API allows you to purchase numbers en masse in an automated mode;
  • our support chat operates 24/7, our managers are always happy to help you in any unclear situation.

KakaoTalk accounts in a couple of clicks: step-by-step instructions

Despite the apparent complexity of the registration process in a foreign messenger, in fact this is absolutely not the case. Especially if you are going to buy a Kakao Talk account using our virtual number. Just follow our simple instructions and you will succeed in a matter of minutes!

  1. First you will need to log in to our service. To do this, follow the link. Or, at the top right of this page, click on the button “Entrance". Next, enter your email address or log in using a profile in one of the social networks (if you have one). Suitable accounts in VK, Facebook or Instagram;
  2. Next, check the cost of a one-time receipt of a message from the service you need (KakaoTalk). To do this, in the list of countries on the left, find the one to whose number you plan to register your account. Next, select the service itself. For convenience, there is a search;
  3. After you have found out the cost of an incoming message (and it will be next to the name of the selected service) and before you buy a Kakao Talk account, you need to top up your account in any convenient way for the required amount (only from $1 for a Korean messenger!);
  4. Go back to the service selection page, check that the country and site are specified correctly and click on the "Buy” button next to the name of the messenger;
  5. The purchased phone number will be waiting for you on the “Active numbers” tab;
  6. Download and install the KakaoTalk app on your phone (the service can be used from a computer, but registration must be done on a smartphone);
  7. Start the process of creating a new account and fill in the usual fields with personal information in such cases. We recommend that you uncheck the items that are not required under this procedure;
  8. Next, to buy a Kakao Talk account, copy the purchased number into the personal phone field;
  9. Confirm the binding of the contact to the profile by entering the verification code. You will find it in the account on "Grizzly Sms" on the "Active numbers" tab. Next to the purchased number. Now the registration can be considered completed. If you need additional accounts, just repeat the procedure the required number of times.

You have achieved your goal and now you know how to buy a KakaoTalk account. Have a nice chat!

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