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How to bypass Telegram block


Telegram is a convenient messenger, which allows sending messages, as well as text, audio, and video files instantly. Yet, sometimes, users may face problems with accessing it. So, certain countries forbid their citizens to utilize the application. Besides, there is a risk that a certain channel will get banned due to the decision of some country or system (Google Play/App Store). Thus, let us clarify how to remove Telegram ban or block in more detail.

Users often need a new profile. But, to create it, one has to link a phone number. The Grizzly Sms service offers to buy a virtual number for registration on Telegram from 12 cents. On the website, you will find thousands of variants from over 260 countries.

Bypass Telegram ban: instructions

How to bypass Telegram block on iPhone or Android 

Is access to this messenger limited in your country? No big problem as this app is equipped with built-in instruments for bypassing such blocks. This system was created by the developers in 2017. And it proved to be effective in many countries where authorities wanted to forbid the messenger, but failed.

If you want to know how to bypass Telegram restrictions set by a certain country, follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the “Settings” tab in the main menu. Choose the “Advanced” point.

How to bypass Telegram block

      2. Now, you need to find “Proxy Settings” - “Connection type”.

How to bypass Telegram restrictions

      3. Put a tick next to “Try connecting through IPv6”. You can add one or several proxy servers yourself. Afterward, the proxy can be selected either manually or automatically. You can get a suitable proxy on a specialized website (either for free or for a charge).

How to bypass Telegram ban in your country

So, we’ve explained to you how to bypass Telegram block in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, and other countries. The developers of this messenger have made this task as simple as possible.

How to access Telegram blocked channel

Here, one must take into account the type of the OS. In the case of Android mobile devices, one should download the setup file from the official website, instead of Google Play.

 How to unblock Telegram channels on Android

This version displays all the channels without any restrictions. In addition, it can operate along with the app from Google Play.

If you need to bypass blocked channel Telegram iOS, that will be more difficult. The guide is as follows:

  1. Download the app from the official website. You must download it to your PC. We’ve discussed how to do that before, but, in this case, you should choose “Telegram for PC”. The version offered by Apple Store will not suit you as it imposes restrictions on the content.
  2. Open the desktop version where you must go to “Settings”. Find the “Privacy and Security” point. There, you must move the slider next to “Disable filtering” to active status.

How to access Telegram blocked channel on iOS

      3. Meanwhile, restart the apps both on your PC and phone. All the contacts and channels will get synchronized. If some of them were blocked before, they will get accessible.

Nevertheless, you will not be able to find such channels via the search form. You must keep that in mind when searching for how to unblock Telegram channels. You can view them only by following a direct link.

How to make a new profile on Telegram with the help of the Grizzly Sms service

Users often need not just register an account on this messenger, but also link it to a phone number from a specific country. In such situations, you can turn to the Grizzly Sms website. Here, you will find virtual numbers for registration on any services. Let us provide instructions on how to make a purchase:

  1. Create a profile on the Grizzly Sms website. In the registration form, you must enter the electronic address only. Also, there is an easier option – import data from your profile on one of the social networks with one click (Vkontakte, Instagram, or Facebook).

A guide on how to bypass Telegram block

      2. For making purchases, you need to replenish the balance of your personal account.

How to remove Telegram ban in the chat

3. You will be offered several payment systems to choose from (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, and others). In their descriptions, you will find information about commissions. Select a suitable variant and enter a sum of a transaction.

How to bypass Telegram block

4. Buy a number. First, select the country from the list (or enter its name in the search line), then, specify the service (Telegram). The system will find the match for you.

Buy a virtual number for registration on Telegram

To register on the messenger, it is enough to paste the virtual number bought into the corresponding field. The SMS message with your confirmation code will come to your personal cabinet on the Grizzly Sms website instantly.


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