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WeChat virtual phone number

WeChat is a convenient messenger, which is developed by the Chinese company called Tencent QQ. It is one of the most sought-after apps in the world. The number of its active users is approaching the point of 1,5 billion people. Most of them live in China, where an account in this app can be used for confirming identity. In this particular country, users can get access to its entire functionality.

Are you interested in how to pass WeChat registration with phone number? Creating a profile on this messenger is free of charge. But the practice shows not all users have a mobile number for verification. In many cases, users need a Chinese number for WeChat or a number linked to another particular country. In such situations, the Grizzly Sms service will come in handy. It sells virtual numbers for registration and offers an optimal combination of affordable prices, reliability, and an easy-to-use website.

How to buy a virtual phone number for WeChat?

This messenger demands to enter a mobile number to create an account. Let us discuss the process of buying it:

  1. To start with, register an account on the Grizzly Sms website. You can choose from two variants. In the first case, utilize your profile on a social network (Facebook, VK, or Instagram). You can import all the data needed with a single click. The second case involves registration with the help of an electronic address.

How to use a phone number for WeChat registration

  1. Go to the page for depositing the balance. You will see the corresponding button in the top right corner of the personal cabinet.

How to sign up with a Chinese number for WeChat 

  1. Select a suitable payment method. You can use a bank card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. The website also accepts cryptocurrencies. After you specify a suitable option, type in the sum (in rubles).

WeChat registration with phone number

  1. To buy a WeChat virtual number for registration, you need to go to the store. In the first field ― specify the country, in the second one ― the name of the service. The system will show you the match, where you will see the quantity of available numbers and the price. In case you agree with the conditions, press the “Buy” button.

How to buy a WeChat virtual phone number

Completing the task assigned will take minimum time. In the future, you will cope with such purchases with a few clicks only.

Registration with a virtual mobile number for WeChat

As soon as you’ve obtained a number, you can proceed to create a profile itself. This messenger has a version for PC, as well as mobile platforms for iOS and Android. In the first case, you should download the program from the official website of the messenger. The second case assumes using App Store or Google Play. In general, the registration interface is almost the same. Now, let us present detailed instructions.

  1. Choose the “Sign up by phone number” option. You need to enter the phone number, which you have bought before.

Instruction on how to register with a virtual number for WeChat

      2. After the confirmation, you will be sent an SMS with a special code. To receive it, go to the personal cabinet of the Grizzly Sms website. Here, you will immediately see the corresponding notification. Open it and copy the code. After you enter it in the registration window, confirm that you agree with the rules.

WeChat sign up phone number

      3. Then, you will receive a notification about the successful account verification. You can proceed to fill in the personal data in your profile.

A virtual mobile number for WeChat

So, we’ve discussed how to sign up with a virtual number for WeChat. All the mobile numbers available on our website are checked before sale. After they are bought, they become inactive for other users.

Is there any other WeChat registration problem?

A WeChat virtual phone number allows creating a profile, but you may face additional complications. In recent years, the administration of the messenger is more and more actively fighting against bots and fake users. So, you may be required to pass additional verification procedures, which can be performed via the following methods:

  1. You may need to request a QR-code from the system. It must be scanned by another active user. In this case, you need to have friends with fully-verified accounts.
  2. Confirmation via the support service. That’s a more complicated option, which is oriented toward Chinese users mainly. As in the previous case, it requires involving another user of the messenger.

An alternative is to try passing the registration again after changing the IP address, device, and phone number for WeChat.