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How to restore WeChat account

WeChat is a popular messenger created by the Chinese developer Tencent. The number of its active users exceeds 1 billion people. What to do if you cannot enter the app? Let us try to clarify how to recover a WeChat account in more detail. The plan of action may vary depending on the problem you are facing.

In case none of the methods described below suits you or brings decent results, we recommend you make a new profile on the messenger. The Grizzly Sms service offers to buy a virtual number for registration on WeChat. An SMS message sent to it will be shown in the user's personal cabinet. We will describe instructions on how to purchase it below.

How to restore WeChat password

One must note that the security system of this app is based on phone numbers, which are used during the registration. So, you must have access to that number. You should use a standard scheme: on the authorization page, you must click on “Login via SMS code”.

Recover WeChat ID - major methods

After you receive a message, enter the code into the field offered. Tap on the button “Next”.

Recover a WeChat account - a guide

Afterward, the system will offer to change the password. That will be an easy task as the app itself prompts with the course of action. In case you’ve linked an electronic address to your account beforehand, you can receive the confirmation code to it. These are two official methods to recover WeChat password. Other options assume using QQ ID or WeChat ID. And the practice shows that the overwhelming majority of users outside of China do not utilize these identification systems.

How to change the password

Do not remember your login details, but you are still authorized in the app? In such a case, you can also change your password without any extra problems. Go to the “My account” tab.

How to restore WeChat password

Click on “Password”, afterward, enter new data.

Recover WeChat password


As in the previous point, you must have access to the mobile number linked to your profile.

How to contact the help center

Don’t you have access to your registration phone number and do not remember your password? Then, it will be harder for you to recover WeChat ID. You will need to fill in a special form in the specialized tab of the help center. First, specify the operating system of your smartphone or PC, afterward ― the country and the reason for a request (Unable to log in). In the dropdown menu, select a suitable point (Forgot password).

How to restore WeChat password if you forgot it

The second step is to enter your personal contact data, to which you want the response to be sent.

How to recover WeChat blocked account

Did you get banned by the messenger? The first thing to do is to turn to the support team and ask about the reason. In some cases, there is a chance that the administration will remove the ban after you discuss the situation with them. If there is no convincing reason for a block, we recommend you prepare your profile for a check. For that, you will need to fill in maximum information about yourself in the settings. Namely, pay special attention to the “Account security” tab.

How to recover WeChat password if you lost it

When the preparations are finished, get in touch with the administration via the help center. The procedure was described above. The instructions are identical, but, in the latest tab, you should choose “Account blocked”.

How to recover WeChat chats

Did you delete your conversation with some contact? The system constantly makes backup copies, which prevents the loss of data. The information may be deleted from your device, but not from the cloud storage.

So, follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the settings (three lines in the bottom left corner of the screen). Select the “Backup and Restore” point.

A guide on how to recover WeChat chats

  1. You will be offered several files with backup copies. To restore deleted WeChat messages, choose the latest file.

If the method described does not work for you, you can try to utilize a specialized program or app (depending on the operating system used).

How to recover WeChat account without phone number with the help of Grizzly Sms

Is your old account blocked permanently or did you lose access to it? Do you need a new profile? In such a situation, you will need a phone number for registration. And you can buy it on the Grizzly Sms website.

  1. Register an account. To quickly create a profile, you can just import data from VK, Facebook, or Instagram. Another option ― enter your electronic address.

Restore WeChat account

      2. Press the “Top up balance” button.

Instruction on how to recover a WeChat account

      3. Select a comfortable payment method. You will be offered to utilize a bank card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Payeer. Type the sum of transfer.

Recover WeChat account with a temporary number

      4. Now, you can proceed with buying the virtual number itself. In the first line, choose the country, in the second one ― the service (WeChat). For the sake of convenience, you can just type the names you are interested in.

Buy a virtual number for registration on WeChat

Our website always offers a huge supply of free virtual numbers for registration. That will allow you to recover WeChat ID with a couple of clicks.