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Buy a WeChat account using "Grizzly Sms"

WeChat is a messenger used by over a billion people. The application has gained the greatest popularity in China. Here the account is used not only for communication. WeChat ID helps to interact with government agencies and is an analogue of documents. It has its own payment system for making purchases within the country.

Why do need to buy WeChat

Everyone who does business with China should register in this messenger. This is a prerequisite for comfortable interaction. A particular problem arises with registration, because in other countries it causes difficulties. Quite often it is required to buy a WeChat account. We will try to consider in more detail how to do this in the best way.

Buying a ready-made account is not considered an optimal solution. The option when you can buy a virtual number for registration in WeChat shows higher efficiency. This is a fairly simple task that should be considered in more detail.

How to buy a virtual number for WeChat

We are tasked with purchasing a mobile phone to which an account will be registered. To do this, we will perform the following actions:

  1. Register to the "Grizzly Sms". To create an account, specify the email address. There is a one-click registration option through a social media profile. To do this, click on the Vkontakte, Instagram or Facebook, respectively.

Buy to the WeChat

  1. Click "Top up the balance". The button is located in the top menu of the personal account.

Buy a WуСhat account cheap

  1. A window with payment systems appears. You can choose one of the options, which include bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), cryptocurrency (Payer) and Google Pay/Apple Pay platforms. For the convenience of users, the amount of the transfer fee is indicated. When choosing a specific option, you need to enter the amount. The "Pay" button is pressed.

Buy a Wechat account

  1. We proceed to the last stage. You need to buy virtual numbers. First specify the country, then the service. You can select a suitable option from the list or enter it in the search bar. If you see a message like in the screenshot below, then contact customer support for purchase. When the name of the service is issued, you can make a purchase directly.

Buy a virtual number to register in WeChat

As can be seen from the instructions, there are no difficulties in the task.

How to register in WeChat

We have reviewed the first stage of how to buy a WeChat number. Now let's describe how the profile is created.

  1. Open the application. We will be offered several options for creating an account. We are interested in "WeChat registration by number". Enter the number that was purchased earlier.

Buy a WeChat account

  1. An SMS with a confirmation code is sent to the specified number. To accept it, you need to go to the "Grizzly Sms" website. Here we will be waiting for a notification of receipt of the message. Open it, copy the code and return to the registration form. We pass verification and agree to the rules of using the messenger.

WeChat Supplier Database - buy an account

  1. The account has been successfully created, you can fill in personal data.

Buy Contacts of WeChat Suppliers from China

It should be noted that the system has fairly strict rules for user identification. You may need to go through additional procedures, for example, get help from a friend in the system or contact technical support.

Why Using a Virtual Number is Better than Buying WeChat

In the network you can find many offers from specialty stores. But buying a WeChat account is not the best choice. There are several important reasons for such a statement:

  1. Reliability. If the database of WeChat suppliers is being considered, they offer to buy a profile without guarantees. It can be sold to several people at the same time.
  2. Blocking. The administration is closely monitoring that there are no fakes and bots in the system. When you need to buy WeChat contacts from suppliers from China, you need to take into account that they are created by programs. This attracts special attention and often leads to a blocking after a few days. A profile created independently using a virtual number is much less suspicious.
  3. Price. Taking into account the above, registration on the «Grizzly Sms» purchased will be cheaper.

For any questions, we recommend contacting the support service.