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How to Get a Free Viber Phone Number Without Any Issues


Despite being suppressed by strong competition, Viber is a very popular personal messenger boasting an impressive 5% market penetration (measured in inique installations) and over 820 monthly active users globally. The messenger is widely used as a marketing and business tool as well as a secure interpersonal communication app.

The application requires all its users to verify their credentials with a phone number. You can get a Free Viber phone number from Grizzly SMS and enjoy using the app without any limitations and restrictions.

Use a FREE phone number for Viber verification 

The app is often praised for its extensive feature list, engaged community, and security measures allowing for safe communications. You may have a variety of reasons to use Viber for personal and business purposes.

Here are some advantages of using a free temporary phone number for Viber:

  • Make any number of new accounts. For some personal or commercial goals, having multiple Viber accounts is a necessity. Whether you want to stay active in multiple communities or plan to launch a large-scale marketing campaign, preparing several Viber accounts using free phone numbers is a god idea.
  • Protect sensitive data. Over 97% of all US and Canadian citizens using the internet are concerned with privacy and data protection. Leaking your real phone number and other credentials online is something that you should avoid. Use free virtual phone numbers from Grizzly SMS to stay safe and anonymous.
  • Restoring access to your contacts. It is possible to lose your phone and access to mobile plan. In some cases, users are getting banned for breaking various policies employed by the app. Use a free SMS verification for Viber at the Grizzly SMS platform and create a new account to continue communicating with your contacts.

Using the Grizzly SMS platform has many advantages:

  • The catalog features thousands of numbers from over 100 countries.
  • All phone numbers are tested and supplied by trusted partners.
  • All customers enjoy 24/7 customer support and low prices!

How to receive a SMS verification code for Viber FREE of charge

Use the ongoing promotion by Grizzly SMS and get a free phone number for Viber registration quickly and conveniently. The list of available numbers is regularly updated to feature good options that allow users to reliably register a new account with a variety of supported services.

Here’s a short guide on how to receive a free verification code for Viber:

  • Go to the official website of Grizzly SMS.
  • On the promotional page with free numbers choose the country.

  • Pick a free phone number for Viber and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Use the number to register a new Viber account.
  • Wait for your verification code in the queue.

Since hundreds of business owners and individuals are trying to use these phone numbers simultaneously, it is possible to not register a Viber account. You may need to make several attempts before achieving your goal.

If you want a Viber account quickly and with a guarantee, go and get a temporary phone number for Viber from Grizzly SMS for just a couple of cents. You will be able to purchase as many numbers as you want and reliably create new Viber accounts.

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