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Mass mailing of messages in Telegram

Telegram is considered one of the most popular messengers in the world, with more than 500 million users. In Russia, the application is installed on many smartphones and computers. This opens up huge opportunities for organizing marketing companies. Promotion of any goods or services is provided. To complete the task, a mass mailing in Telegram is required. It is carried out with the help of bots, specialized services or programs. In this article we will focus in detail on the listed options.

buy a virtual number for telegram registration

Mass mailing in Telegram requires a profile in the messenger. A mobile phone is required to register an account. It is not necessary to use real contact at all. The service "Grizzly Sms" offers to buy a virtual number for registration in Telegram. It's not only simple, but also cheap. There are thousands of work numbers in the database, and in case of questions, the manager is ready to answer them.

Problems with mass mailing of messages in Telegram

It is necessary to start with the difficulties that the user may encounter. The Telegram administration is actively fighting spammers and creators of fake accounts. They are quickly blocked without the possibility of restoring the account. At the same time, mass mailing of Telegram online is not prohibited. There are, among other things, built-in tools for this. Last but not least, you can complete the task for free.

 how to create a mass mailing in Telegram

Where exactly is the line between spam and business mailing for the system? The administration blocks the sale of illegal goods or services, intrusive offers and methods not authorized by the user agreement.

Mass mailing in Telegram via a group and channel

This option was conceived by the developers to notify users who are in different communities. It can be used for the purpose of sending messages. The principle is quite simple – you need to create a group. The corresponding item can be found in the settings.

mass mailing in Telegram via a group

We are interested in a public chat. After that, we add users from the database there. How to do mass mailing in Telegram through a group? As simple as possible! You only need to publish a message.

The advantages of this method are that it is completely safe. If someone does not want to receive promotional offers, they can unsubscribe in one click. The limit on the number of participants is 5000 people. This can be circumvented by creating multiple chats. Another difficulty is that you need to monitor communication within the group.

Do you want to be the only one who can write messages? In this case, the channel is considered the optimal choice. To create it, click the appropriate button in the settings.

mass mailing of Telegram via the channel

Bot for mass mailing in Telegram

A feature of the messenger is active interaction with bots. To create them, you need to use special constructors. Let's list the four most popular:

  1. Chatfuel. Easy to learn and allows you to use an extensive toolkit. There are ready-made templates for beginners. Professionals can create quite complex systems. One of the key advantages is free distribution.
  2. The main competitor of the previous version with no less opportunities. To register, you need to use a Google account. This constructor of bots for mass mailing in Telegram is paid if you need to send more than 6000 messages per month.
  3. Flow XO. It is maximally oriented for solving business problems. Free use is very limited, but the cost of tariff plans is more affordable than that of analogues.
  4. Recast AI. There is a free version with minimal user restrictions. Reviews often note the simplicity of creating complex bots.

how to make a mass mailing in a Telegram

All constructors do not require knowledge of programming languages, but it is recommended to study the basics of logic to improve the result.

Services for mass mailing in Telegram

You don't have to waste your own time. If you entrust the task to professionals, you can achieve a more effective result. Let's list the services for mass mailing in Telegram that can best prove themselves:

  1. ПростоСМС.
  2. Tvigi.
  3. 3seller.
  4. Сlient Hunter.
  5. SendPulse.
  6. Telesender.

They all have a simple interface and an extensive set of tools. When mass mailing to Telegram is considered, how to do it is not the main question at all. You need to take care of the contact database to send messages.