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How to check and exit the shadow ban Tick Tok


In 2023, any user of any online service knows what a ban is. And no one likes to get into it. However, the Chinese video hosting of short videos has gone even further, and today active visitors to the site know about shadow bans in TiTok – certain restrictions that are imposed on the account without the knowledge of its owner.

What does “shadow ban in TikTok" mean?”

The limitation of the user's functionality in the social network in question most often occurs due to the user's permission of “suspicious” videos from the point of view of the algorithm of the system. If you have earned a shadow TicKtok ban, the reasons for this may be very different. For example, cheating and complaints about your account from other users (for more information about the reasons for blocking, see the following sections).

At the same time, some users still think that the shadow ban does not exist in the TikTok. We hasten to disappoint, because if the page has sharply reduced statistical indicators (coverage and involvement of other users) and the number of likes (dozens of times), the imposition of restrictions on the account is extremely high.

And this is a very unpleasant situation even for a small account (with a small number of subscribers). Since it will take 1-2 months to restore the “Good name” of the profile. If a shadow ban from TikTok has received a large account, then most often it is better to create a new one.

How to check shadow ban in Tik Tok?

We should immediately note that both individual videos and entire profiles may be subject to restrictive measures. If this is the first time you hear about the shadow ban Tik Tok, how to understand if it is visible in relation to your account, we tell you below:

  1. Compare the statistics for the current and last months. If such indicators as views, likes, reposts and comments, as well as new subscribers have fallen several times, then there is a high probability of limiting the activities of your profile;
  2. To determine the ban of the video in Tik Tok, compare the statistics for several videos. If one of them has no views and likes (compared to your other videos), then the video somehow did not please the algorithms of the social network;
  3. Almost 100% indicator of blocking your page – a drop in the number of subscriptions to your channel to almost zero;
  4. Create a temporary account to check a specific video. If the video does not gain views from the new account, then the algorithm blocks it due to violations of the internal rules of the social network. By the way, if you don't know how to create a temporary account in Tik Tok – here you will find all the necessary information. f you have determined that the problem is in a particular video, it is best to immediately remove it from the main account;
  5. An indicator that the Tik Tok account in the bath can be the automatic deletion of your comments. Try to comment on other people's posts and check in 2-3 hours if your records are in place. If not, and this happens with all your comments, we sympathize – you are most likely blocked.

If you determine the Tik Tok ban of a video or your entire account for at least two of the above points, this is a sure sign that you have fallen out of favor with this social network.

Shadow ban in Tick Tok: reasons for restrictions

In order to avoid this fate in the future, it is important to understand why the algorithms of the social network identify your account or its individual activity as undesirable events. In addition, if you have already been blocked, determining the reason for blocking is an important step towards correcting the situation. So, the reasons are.


Your Tik Tok account will not do without a ban if the system catches you cheating on activity. It is clear that 1 user is not able to view a dozen or two videos in 5 seconds, put 500 likes and subscribe to hundreds of other users. Be careful!


You will find out what a ban in Tik Tok looks like if large amounts of complaints are showered on your account. This may happen because you have posted content that is prohibited by the rules of the site. Also, the option of sending mass complaints by your unscrupulous competitors is not excluded.


The way to attract attention to an account when a user points the same hashtag several times in a row has not worked for a long time. The same is true if you specify more than 7 markers. All this Tik Tok algorithms do not welcome.


Bulk mailing of comments like “Subscribe to me, and I to you” is a sure way to get banned in Tik Tok.

Deleting content

For some reason, Tik Tok doesn't like it when users delete their videos. To clean the channel and at the same time not to fall under restrictions – make the videos private.


If you are under 15 years old (and you can create an account from 13), then your account will be strictly private. And it will not get on display to the general public. This is almost identical to what we call a “shadow ban in Tik Tok”.

Content 18+

Similar restrictions are imposed on videos that the system marks with the “18+” icon (if there are elements of eroticism in almost any manifestations in the video). Such videos are included in the recommendations only of those users who have opened access to adult content in the settings.

How to remove a shadow ban in Tik Tok: all ways

Try one or more of the steps described below. We tell you how to remove the ban in Tik Tok.

Reduced activity

Try not to do anything on the social network for at least two days. Do not post new videos, do not like, do not subscribe to new users. And even better – do not log in at all.

Account Promotion Restriction

Close access to the account for all services used for cheating and similar actions.

Close access to the latest videos

Just don't delete them! Make private those videos that you have published since the alleged application of a shadow ban in TikTok to your account. Also look for videos with bad statistics and also make them private. You can try to make them public again after you find the removal of restrictions from your channel.

New activity

After you have given your account a few days to “rest”, start posting new videos (corresponding to the service policy), participate in challenges, use trending sounds and new hashtags.

Format change

Before removing the shadow ban in Tik Tok, try to radically change the vector of development of your channel. Pay attention to your audience's feedback. Most likely there will be hints in which direction to move on. After all, it is possible that you have earned restrictions precisely because of public complaints.

Appeal to subscribers

Don't underestimate your viewers. They are the ones who can lift your channel from the bottom. Contact them with a request to like, watch the video to the end (and for this it is useful to intrigue subscribers), subscribe and post the hashtag #shadowboyban. This will show the system that people are interested in your content.

Reaction to other users

After the channel returns to life, try to participate as actively as possible in the life of the social network. Regular reviews of the recommendations feed, likes to other users, as well as subscriptions and comments to other people's videos will help to remove the ban in Tik Tok.

Content quality

If you don't have a professional camera, then remember that you should shoot videos only with the rear camera of your smartphone. Since the front one almost always has lower quality characteristics. Also pay attention to the bright and non-standard design of your videos (for example, original frames and fonts).

Technical support

If nothing helps, and you still don't know how to remove the ban in the Tik Tok, try contacting the technical support service of users. Perhaps they will tell you which rules have been violated and what can be done about it. Just don't just sit there waiting for an answer. Take action! Try all the described methods while waiting.

Technical method

Even if technical support did not help to eliminate the shadow ban of TikTok, you can try to do the following:

  • clear the app cache on your smartphone;
  • reinstall the app;
  • create a new account (if you are completely disappointed and do not want to wait for the end of the ban). We remind you that, here it is described, how to do this as efficiently as possible.

How long does the shadow ban in Tik Tok last?

And you can get disappointed and tired of waiting for the simple reason that a shadow ban of an account in TikTok can last from 24 hours to 30 days! At the same time, the average duration of restrictive measures is 14 days.

In addition, you will not immediately receive the previous coverage figures after the restrictions are lifted. It will take time for them to return.

If you are not ready to wait and do not want to be left without such a convenient tool for doing business or just communicating as TikTok, contact the service for the sale of virtual numbers «Grizzly Sms». With its help, you can easily and simply restore access to Tik Tok and any other social network in a couple of clicks and a few cents. And most importantly – absolutely anonymous. Good luck to you!

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