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Buy a TikTok account quickly and inexpensively

Few people today can live a day without watching long-familiar short videos on the Internet. It is not surprising that the relevant services are in great demand. Specialized video hosting from now on and for a long time – venues for both users' free time and platforms for earning solid money. That is why more and more interested people want to buy an account in TikTok cheap.

Why would such a thing be needed at all if registration is free? There are several answers:

  • active users often find that one profile in social networks is not enough, which is a Chinese video service. Sometimes it is necessary to separate both personal and work activities into TikTok, as well as the separation of work or personal accounts directly;
  • for successful business in social networks, one account is definitely not enough. If you buy a cheap TicTok account additionally, then you can promote and sell your products as efficiently as possible;
  • a banal desire to always remain in access to the site, since the main account can be banned for various reasons, and it is very important to stay in touch with your subscribers.

In general, whatever your motivation, today we will tell you where to buy TikTok accounts in the most effective way.

Take a couple of moments and visit the website of the SMS activation service  «Grizzly Sms». Here you will find very convenient and profitable virtual numbers for registration on all popular Internet sites from telephone operators of any countries. Now you are not afraid of any bans and loss of access to your favorite resources. Everything works quickly, conveniently and for reasonable money! And anonymously.

How to Buy a TikTok account for $0.015?

Since even a "clean" phone number is required for free registration, users face the question of which way to go. Here are the three main ones:

  1. Buy a new starter pack!
  2. Buy a TikTok account from hand;
  3. Buy a profile using a virtual number.

Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages, but we note the following. In our opinion, in modern realities, it is the use of a virtual number that is the optimal way to register on the Internet. And here's why:

  • a one-time number for receiving SMS is much cheaper than the starter package. Yes, and a ready-made account;
  • you don't have to run to the store for a new SIM card or search the Web for a good merchant accounts to close the deal;
  • you can buy TikTok ads accounts absolutely anonymously.
  • If this is still not enough for you, here are the additional benefits that all «Grizzly Sms» customers receive:
  • the best prices on the market for one-time reception of messages;
  • registration numbers are always available on all relevant sites (social networks, delivery services, marketplaces, online cinemas, etc.);
  • all processes are automated using smart network technologies, so you simply won't notice the registration process using a virtual number;
  • you can buy TikTok auto registration accounts from us without any questions. And if there are any, a high-quality support service promptly deals with all problems.

Buy a TikTok account: step-by-step instructions

We publish detailed instructions for you, which will help you buy TikTok accounts with tracking with minimal energy costs. About you it is only required to perform a few items from the list below:

  1. Go to the main page and click on "Login" at the top right of the screen (to log in to your personal account, you only need an email address or a social network profile VK, Facebook Instagram, if you are too lazy);
  2. Find the appropriate country of the telephone operator to whose number registration on the TikTok will be performed. Check our prices here (for a Chinese video service, it's only $0.15 per phone number);
  3. Top up your account in the system for the required amount (using a bank card or popular payment systems Apple, Google, Payeer);
  4. Go back to the page of the Internet service you need (now you need to buy an American TikTok account, but you can always try other options) and click “Buy"”;
  5. After completing the purchase, the system will generate a phone number for you in the "Active numbers" tab, copy it immediately;
  6. Next, go to the website of the selected service from your computer or download the corresponding application from the mobile store;
  7. Start the standard registration by phone number;
  8. Use the purchased virtual number as a contact number;
  9. In your personal account on «Grizzly Sms» you will find an incoming message from Tik tok with a verification code. Copy it and paste it into the appropriate field on the registration page and complete the procedure;
  10. If one new profile is not enough for you, repeat the procedure the required number of times. The option of mass purchase of numbers using the API is also available.

Congratulations! We have taught you everything we know, and now you can buy a TikTok advertising account with minimal time, effort and money.