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How does a temporary number operate?

Many people have already heard about temporary contacts for registration, but not everyone knows how a virtual phone number works. Meanwhile, this is important information for realizing all the benefits that the service for receiving incoming messages gives. Today we tell you about the basic principles of the temporary number.

Temporary number: working principle

In fact, the virtual phone number for receiving SMS is a number in the code of one of the mobile operators. In simple words, this is an address in the usual phone number format where messages can be sent.

The main features of a virtual number are:

  • no need to purchase equipment for receiving messages (if you suddenly, for some reason, do not have a telephone this is clearly a plus);
  • practically unlimited storage for storing messages (in the case of an ordinary phone number - the space for storing incoming information is limited by the parameters of the mobile device);
  • a virtual number allows you to receive absolutely all messages sent to its address, while a smartphone that has been outside the coverage area of ​​a mobile operator for a long time will not be able to receive SMS sent at that time.

Situations when you need a virtual number

You should definitely resort to using the service for receiving messages (by the way, "Grizzly Sms" is one of the leaders in the market for such services due to its low prices and the convenience of receiving verification SMS) in the following situations:

  1. You need an account on a social network, but there is no real phone number available for it;
  2. There is a need to create many accounts on one or several Internet fields quickly and chip;
  3. No desire to buy a new SIM card, which is needed only for registration;
  4. No desire to contact the sellers of existing accounts;
  5. Lost access to the profile and the phone linked to it at the same time;
  6. Your favorite online cinema offers the first month (two, three) to watch content for free, and I really want to extend this grace period for as long as possible by registering new accounts.

Advantages of buying a virtual number on "Grizzly Sms"

Starting your acquaintance with virtual numbers, be sure to pay attention to the advantages that our service offers to its customers:

  • low prices for one-time reception of messages or long-term numbers rental. You can receive SMS from most Internet resources for only 7-27 cents;
  • complete anonymity. You do not need to disclose your real phone number to buy a virtual number, just a free email address or an existing account on Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte;

Image 1 How does a virtual phone number work

  • the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts on any popular Internet sites from the phone numbers of any country;

Image 2 Buy a temporary number

  • due to the high speed of “Grizzly Sms”, registration in the service you need will be as fast as in the case of using a real number;
  • сonvenient payment methods are provided, and technical support promptly resolves emerging issues.