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Buy proxy server for Instagram cheap


Automating business processes on social media is an effective method for increasing audience, expanding reach, and improving engagement with target audiences. However, given Instagram's ban (owned by META corporation, defined by Russian law as extremist) on using automation, multiple account owners need to take certain security measures. Namely - use a proxy for Instagram.

And before you start mass following, liking and commenting using tools like Combin or other services, we recommend you secure enough working IP addresses. And to do this, just use the services of, where you will find the best proxies on the web at affordable prices and with a quality guarantee, try it!

Why do you need a proxy server for Instagram?

Social media managers, marketing agencies and even regular Instagram users often manage multiple accounts at the same time. The social network sets strict rules regarding the use of multiple accounts from one IP address, allowing only one account per IP. Conducting high activity through multiple accounts simultaneously from one address can be considered spam and lead to restrictive measures by the platform, ranging from a temporary ban for certain activities to a complete and permanent account block. This is where Instagram proxy comes into play.

To prevent blocking on Instagram, marketers and account managers use special servers to simulate connecting different accounts from different IP addresses. Instagram proxy server for free acts as an intermediary between the user's computer and Instagram servers, hiding the real IP and replacing it with a new address.

Buy regular and mobile proxies for Instagram on

But for the above to work, and even be beneficial, you need a reliable provider of such services. The best option today is the service, which allows you to buy proxies for Instagram under the best conditions on the web. This provider is not just top ranked on Google for no reason, its customer base is growing not due to aggressive advertising, but primarily due to the benefits provided. For example, here's what regular customers of the service appreciate:

  • huge selection of proxies with addresses from more than 88 countries;
  • range of proxy types: there are mobile, residential, server proxies, IPv4 and IPv6;
  • money back if the purchased address did not show the stated qualities;
  • complete customer anonymity and transaction security;
  • convenient and varied payment methods: any payment methods are accepted, from bank cards to cryptocurrency;
  • 24/7 productive customer support.

Connect Instagram proxy for free

When purchasing quality services on the website, you receive all the necessary information about the server (protocol type, host, port, login and password) that will be required to connect your Instagram account via proxy. For reference, we provide instructions on how to connect the service:

  • Launch the software to connect your social media accounts via free Instagram proxy;
  • Log in to your Instagram accounts inside the software;
  • Go to proxy settings;
  • Configure the proxy for each of your accounts;
  • Select the proxy type, enter server and port data, and specify login and password;
  • Save changes;
  • Repeat these steps for each of your Instagram accounts.


By the way, if you need additional accounts on the social network, you can use virtual numbers to register for Instagram from the Grizzly Sms service: it is inexpensive, with guaranteed SMS delivery and completely anonymous!

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