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Where to buy proxies for Facebook on the best terms?

Parsing data in social networks in multiple threads is one of the key features of the modern digital space. Thanks to modern technologies, this task can be called trivial, but you should always remember about anonymity and take care of reliable proxies for Facebook (owned by Meta company, recognized as extremist in the territory of the Russian Federation). And this is already a tricky task, since there are many providers on the network, and it is very difficult to understand who really provides high-quality services. Let's try to figure it out.

But before spreading different accounts across proxy servers, you need to create these accounts first. In this, you will be helped by reliable virtual numbers for Facebook registration from the "Grizzly SMS" service. They are inexpensive and come with a quality guarantee: you can always receive an SMS or get your money back. Fully anonymous!


A popular and popular service that already occupies a leading position in the market today. This provider offers a wide range of services, which includes private and mobile proxies for Facebook. Each of which is supplied anonymously and with a guarantee. These, as well as a number of factors listed below, make the project #1 in Google search results.

Distinctive features:

  1. A wide selection of proxy servers from more than 80 countries around the world;
  2. A variety of proxy types, including mobile, residential, server proxies, as well as IP v4 and IP v6;
  3. The ability to refund if the purchased proxy does not meet the stated characteristics;
  4. Guarantee of complete anonymity and confidentiality for customers;
  5. Various payment methods, including bank cards and cryptocurrency;
  6. 24/7 technical support.

The service is distinguished by transparency and ease of use. When purchasing a Facebook proxy, all the necessary information is provided in one place to simplify connection setup.

The process of working with the site is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Launching the program to connect Facebook accounts via proxy server;
  2. Authorization in accounts using the software used;
  3. Proxy configuration for each account.
  4. Choosing the proxy type and entering server, port, login and password data;
  5. Saving the changes made.

This algorithm is simply repeated for each account.


Smartproxy offers various types of proxies for Facebook: residential, static and mobile. The total number of addresses in the database reaches 65 million in 120 diverse territories, with the list constantly expanding. Support service is available 24/7 and responds to customer inquiries very promptly.

In addition, you get free SSL for an additional level of encryption of transmitted data. The platform also provides the ability to configure settings, scale advertising processes and data collection via API. For user convenience, a login and password list generator is available.

However, Smartproxy does not provide the ability to choose specific cities, and fine tuning can be tricky for newcomers. The price for mobile proxies for Facebook is in the above average area.

Proxy Market

The service offers to purchase mobile Facebook proxies, as well as a wide selection of dedicated and shared ones.

Advantages of the provider:

  • An extensive choice of addresses for various tasks, such as parsing, arbitrage and promotion. Servers are available in 108 geographic zones;
  • Fast issuance of the required number of proxies with automatic validation of each address for validity;
  • Allocation of a separate subnet for IPv6 proxies, and random selection of addresses from multiple subnets for IPv4 addresses;
  • Professional Russian-speaking technical support available 24/7. At higher levels of the loyalty system, a personal manager is provided;
  • The ability to test proxies in Russia for free.

Disadvantages of buying Facebook proxy on this platform:

  • Some addresses may restrict access only for parsing, while others may be restricted for working on specific social networks;
  • Users need to clearly understand what purpose the proxy is purchased for;
  • The number of available servers can vary significantly across different geographical zones;
  • Restrictions on proxy rotation.

Bright Data

Mobile, residential, static residential and server proxies for Facebook are presented here. The Bright Data database contains over 72 million addresses from 195 countries, which is a record given the fact that the volume of mobile IPs alone is 7+ million. You can also select a specific country, city, and ASN number here.

Bright Data allows integrating third-party tools via API or web interface, which significantly saves time on routine tasks. Usage reports also aid automation. For an additional level of protection, you can route traffic through multiple proxy servers at once.

The main downside of Bright Data is its cost. Prices for Facebook via proxy start at $7.35 per GB, and for mobile - from $16.2.


Clients of this service can choose IP addresses of private users in more than 150 countries around the world. In addition to residential IPs, you can also purchase mobile proxies for Facebook in one pool. These proxies are valued by buyers for their high level of trust from the security systems of websites and telecom providers.

Advantages of the store:

  • Clean and legal proxies;
  • Russian-speaking technical support available via online chat or Telegram;
  • Convenient control panel and personal account displaying traffic usage statistics, also in Russian;
  • Access to API and ability to download proxy list by link;
  • Targeting up to city and ASN level;
  • Ability to purchase Facebook proxy using Russian bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency.

Disadvantages include:

  • Inability to choose a specific telecom operator;
  • No free testing;
  • Short refund period (only 3 days taking into account used traffic, which is clearly not enough for a reasonable choice).


The Soax database includes over 150 million addresses from 100 different locations. Residential, static residential and mobile proxy servers are available here. You can select the required country, city or mobile operator, as well as alternate addresses if necessary. Bandwidth is unlimited, and Soax regularly deletes invalid addresses to avoid blocking its proxies for Facebook.

Payment in Soax depends on the amount of traffic used. For example, a 15GB package costs $99. As the package volume increases, the price per 1GB decreases.


Oxylabs is compatible with HTTPS, SOCKS protocols and social networks. The provider provides access to over 100 million addresses from 130 countries, with the number of addresses constantly increasing. Users can choose IP addresses for the required country or city and purchase mobile Facebook proxies.

Session and address rotation management in Oxylabs is presented in a convenient interface. The main advantages include a seven-day trial version and competent technical support.

In Oxylabs, users can choose a fixed rate ranging from $99 to $600 or pay $10 per 1GB of traffic.

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