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How to farm facebook accounts?

Well, what business person does not dream of a non-stop flow of customers? In 2023, when many small businessmen moved to social networks to promote their products, the question is getting louder: how to farm accounts on Facebook competently? In other words – with the maximum return of every cent spent.

The question is really relevant, since all popular Internet sites are not standing still, and are improving their algorithms to curb excessive marketing activities. Facebook is no exception, and by a number of parameters it can be attributed to the vanguard of the fight against stolen profiles and autoregs. But the advertising process cannot be stopped, otherwise everyone will quickly forget about your product. Therefore, today we are telling you all about effective farming of accounts on Facebook.

This information will be useful to any owners of any online stores, since targeted or contextual advertisements alone do not give a proper influx of leads. Accordingly, it is important to remind about your products in social networks and messengers. And since the profiles seen in the constant advertising of something often get strikes and are blocked, it is important to always have several working accounts. And to buy Facebook accounts for farm, you can't do without reliable virtual numbers. You will find such on "Grizzly Sms". In addition, are waiting for you there:

  • the lowest prices for receiving SMS on the Network;
  • the guarantee of receiving the message (payment is not withdrawn before that);
  • a lot, really a lot of free numbers for all popular Internet sites;
  • it is possible to choose a telephone operator from almost any country in the world. You will have no problems buying a virtual number for farm accounts on Facebook;
  • the service works quickly, the interface is clear, convenient payment methods are provided, there is an API for wholesalers;
  • any question you have can be asked in the support chat in the 24 to 7 mode. They will answer you promptly and exhaustively!

Farm Facebook accounts from a computer: the subtleties of the process

Of course, today people can't tear themselves away from gadgets. But we strongly recommend using a computer, since this is a painstaking and virtually daily activity. Therefore, it is more rational to perform it from a device equipped with more convenient tools for manipulating data, such as a keyboard and mouse. Now about how to farm accounts on Facebook in 2023. You will need:

  • anti-detect browser. That is, your favorite Yandex browser is poorly suited for such purposes. We need one that will make the social network think that one of your profiles is a user from Moscow with a Windows computer and a Chrome browser, the other is from Vancouver with a Safari on a Macbook;
  • a good proxy service. Preferably paid
  • free phone numbers for registering multiple accounts. Here you can buy reliable virtual numbers for Facebook on the best conditions on the Web in a couple of clicks, moreover, completely anonymously;

As for the first point, the following software for farm accounts on Facebook is suitable (the list is not complete, but indicative):

  • Dolphin Anty;
  • Incogniton;
  • AdsPower;
  • Indigo Browser.

To start the process, configure several profiles with unique settings in the selected anti-detect browser. This applies both to the settings of the account itself inside the browser, and the proxy settings (separate for each profile). Now learn more about how Facebook accounts are farmed and working with traffic arbitration.

Farm accounts on Facebook: algorithm

The manual for this process consists of several parts. We recommend paying enough attention to each of them.

Looking for people

The right farmer always starts with preparation. And to start farming accounts on Facebook, you need several unique images of people. Everyone has a first and last name, photos and some personal information (so that the page does not look suspicious). And if it's not so difficult to come up with names and interests, then it's more difficult with photos. We definitely do not recommend using photos from Facebook itself (the social network does an excellent job with clones of real pages). It is most reasonable to find photos on another site (it is worth trying female profiles that have a lot of photos. Use those that are not used as avatars)

Creating accounts

Now you need to register profiles and fill them with the information collected at the previous stage. To create several farm accounts on Facebook, you will need the same number of available phone numbers. We remind you that you will find cheap and reliable numbers here.

Farm accounts on Facebook

This stage takes several days. And it is best to follow it with the help of this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Day first:
    • filling in unique personal information in the profile created on FB;
    • uploading 3-4 photos found in other social networks (do not download them, use Windows scissors, so the FB will see the unique metadata of the images and will not consider them clones);
    • make friends with 30 recommended users. This is a very important stage for Facebook account farming. If you don't have any recommendations, go to any dating group and offer friendship to the group members there in the comments. When the first friend appears, you will immediately have recommendations for friendship;
    • subscribe to 10-20 groups.
  2. Day second:
    • add the following 30-50 users from recommendations to friends;
    • accept all incoming friendship requests;
    • upload 1-2 more photos to your profile;
    • subscribe to another 10-20 groups;
    • “read the feed” for a few minutes;
    • put a few likes in the feed under random entries;
    • make several reposts from the feed;
  3. Day third:
    • we repeat all the points completed on the second day, only slightly change the activity indicators (in any direction). Pharm accounts on Facebook will be more successful if you try not to perform the same number of reposts and subscriptions on different days. The number of friendship applications accepted and invitations sent should also be different;
  4. Day fourth:
    • see the instructions for the third day. After that, we can assume that the farming of Facebook accounts is completed.

After you have completed all the steps in the instructions, you can proceed to the fan page. Run ads in any regions of the planet and embed any payment instruments. But just remember, for successful advertising activities, you should always have several working farm accounts on Facebook at your fingertips. Good sales to you!