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Where to buy a cheap proxy server for Telegram?

No online marketer today can do without registering multiple free accounts in certain social networks and messengers. The same applies to other professionals whose activities are tied to interacting with users of various online platforms. But many of the aforementioned platforms take measures to block IP addresses from which mass activity occurs. That is why the professionals listed above need high quality free Telegram proxies.

But where can you get ones that will meet the stated parameters and help professionals do their daily work? You will find the answer to this question in our review, in which we have collected the TOP 5 best services offering proxies for Telegram.

By the way, if you need working phone numbers to register Telegram accounts, you can find many of them at affordable prices on the Grizzly Sms website, with guaranteed SMS reception and complete anonymity!


Our list is opened by the best supplier of proxies for Telegram according to many parameters. This service is at the top of Google search results for a reason: its customer base is growing not due to aggressive advertising, but primarily due to the quality of services provided. The offer of this store is characterized by the following features:

  • An extensive selection of proxies with addresses from more than 88 countries;
  • A variety of proxy types, including mobile, residential, server proxies, IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Ability to refund if the purchased address does not match the stated characteristics;
  • Guaranteed complete anonymity of customers and protection of confidentiality during transactions;
  • Convenient and varied payment methods, including bank cards and cryptocurrency;
  • 24/7 effective customer support.

When purchasing proxies on the website, you get all the information about the server (including protocol type, host, port, login and password) necessary to connect your messenger account via proxy server. It is also worth noting the ease of working with this Telegram proxy provider, since the entire algorithm of interaction with the resource fits into a short instruction:

  1. Launch the program to connect your messenger accounts via proxy server Telegram;
  2. Log in to your Telegram accounts inside the software;
  3. Go to the proxy settings section;
  4. Configure proxies for each of your accounts;
  5. Select the Telegram 2024 proxy type, enter server and port details, and specify login and password;
  6. Save the changes;
  7. Repeat the steps above for each of your Telegram accounts.


The service offers static and dynamic proxies with IPv6/IPv4 addresses that provide flexibility and anonymity. Detection of US proxy servers is difficult, which provides fast and anonymous parsing. Optional IP address rotation provides flexibility in managing sessions. Integration with various software and services such as Scrape.Box, Apify and ParseHub is possible.


  • 99.9% network uptime;
  • Unlimited number of proxy requests per server;
  • Built-in rotation technology to optimize performance;
  • Socks5 Telegram proxy.


  • No pricing and plan information;
  • Not specified how often the global proxy pool is updated;
  • Additional training may be required to use advanced features.


Geonode provides fast and easy authentication across multiple IPs for efficient data scraping. This Telegram proxy provides the ability to configure IP rotation times according to parsing needs, ensuring optimal frequency of sending requests from a new IP and bypassing blocks. Reliable REST API allows developers to execute custom JS snippets and manipulate web pages.


  • Instant API integration with code generator for device syncing;
  • Speed-based pricing to optimize performance;
  • Screenshot API for sharing and storing screenshots for testing and debugging;
  • Working proxies for Telegram.


  • No prices and available plans specified;
  • No info on frequency of global proxy pool updates;
  • Additional training and experience may be required for effective use of advanced features.


HydraProxy provides a robust account management system to create and manage multiple proxy servers for Telegram accounts, minimizing blocking risks. Proxies can be sourced from different places including residential homes, 4G connections in the US and western countries. HydraProxy offers reliable Telegram proxy pools 2024, providing fast network connections and clean IP addresses from local devices via commercial ISPs.


  1. 24/7 money back guarantee. With full proxy network access and ability to get refunds within 24 hours;
  2. IP geotargeting: users can control geographic location of proxies;
  3. Ability to test bots with location-based customization.


  1. No pricing and available plans specified based on provided info;
  2. May require additional details on technical support and guides for optimal feature utilization;
  3. No info on frequency of proxy pool updates and connection speeds.

Social Proxy

Social Proxy provides user anonymity by hiding their IP address and location, ensuring privacy protection and allowing circumvention of geographic restrictions. It offers unlimited fresh proxies for Telegram harnessing 5G and 4G connectivity, providing a constant IP stream and preventing blocking of actions, distinguishing legitimate users from spammers.


  1. Multiple Telegram proxy servers for virtual browsers: Multilogin feature allows running several virtual browser proxy servers;
  2. REST API offers extensive capabilities to manage proxies including adding, cancelling, modifying, retrieving IPs and more;
  3. Ensures user anonymity by protecting actual IP address.


  1. Does not support IP whitelisting and other advanced authentication methods.
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