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Is it possible to register PayPal without number?

Today, PayPal is the most sought-after electronic payment system on the planet. That is why every advanced Internet user will benefit from learning how to create PayPal without number.

The majority of famous global retail merchandising brands support transfers via this payment service. Also, relatives and friends can use this platform to send funds to each other in a convenient and quick way. If you are a businessman and take care of your clients’ needs, it will be a point of honor for you to offer the method mentioned above for paying for your services.

Consequently, as you are already reading this article, you will sooner or later have a question: “Can I register on PayPal without phone verification?”.

How to create PayPal account without number?

In 2023, Internet users may need to make a PayPal without phone number due to the following reasons:

  • one needs to get an additional wallet in this system to divide personal and business flows of funds;
  • one has lost access to the contact number linked to the previous wallet;
  • there is a necessity to refrain from disclosing one’s personal mobile number.

So, if you decided to sign in PayPal without phone number, there are two unequal solutions at your disposal:

  1. You can buy a new wallet at a cheap price with the help of a virtual number.
  2. You will have to turn to the support team of the system hoping that they will listen to your requests and fulfill them (in case you have lost access to your existing account).

How does the registration on PayPal without mobile phone work?

The simplest and most reliable method to get an account in this payment system is to create PayPal without phone number. It is not a secret that buying ready profiles on any source is extremely dangerous. And, in the case of online wallets, it is obviously an unjustified risk.

That is why, in such situations, it is reasonable to turn to a specialized service that allows one to receive text messages online. As of today, one of the leaders among such sources is Grizzly Sms. Here, you can buy a virtual number for registration on PayPal for 51 cents and within a couple of minutes only. As for our key advantages, we must mention:

  • prices that are among the lowest on the market of such services;
  • you can receive SMS from almost all Internet platforms that are popular in the world (we offer not only PayPal authentication without phone);
  • mobile numbers from most countries are available on our website;
  • the process of using our services is simple and quick;
  • our platform offers convenient payment methods;
  • in case anything happens ― the technical support is always on alert and will help you solve all the issues.

Turn to Grizzly Sms and make as many fully-featured wallets on this payment system (as well as other websites) as you want and need.

How to unlock PayPal account without phone number?

In case you already have a profile on this payment source, but it happened that you lost access to the number linked to it, and now you urgently need to… In general, you got the idea.

You can try to recover PayPal without phone number by turning to the support team. But we must warn you right away that such support systems look more like the ninth circle of hell. Be ready that you will have to provide:

  1. Your passport;
  2. The latest password;
  3. Your electronic address;
  4. The location from which you accessed your wallet for the latest time.

Besides, before you regain PayPal without phone, you may be demanded to disclose other personal information. So, only if you do not make any mistakes and tell about the history of fund transactions via your wallet during the entire last year, there is a chance that you will be sent a code for resetting your password. But there is also a risk that you will not receive it as well.

Hence, in most cases, it is much easier and more profitable (as you probably value your nerves more) to recover PayPal account without phone number with the help of a convenient service for receiving SMS. Such a purchase is definitely much quicker and more comfortable.

Be sure to always stay aware and avoid disclosing any private information on the Web: whether that is your card data, bank account number, or just mobile number. In some cases, it is better to pay a few cents more and to get an opportunity to use the Internet in a truly safe way