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Telegram "This channel is blocked" - what is it and how to bypass the restriction

Telegram has long been among the most popular messengers in Russia and the world. The total number of active users exceeds 500 million people. A convenient system of thematic groups and channels has been implemented. This allows you to receive news, learn about important events or read interesting information from sources you like. There may be a situation when you see a message from Telegram: "This channel is unavailable." We will try to understand in more detail what this means and how to act in such a situation on various operating systems.

Telegram: "This channel is unavailable" - how to get around

Do you need to create a new account in the messenger? To do this, you need to link a mobile phone. There is not always an extra number, especially if mass registration is carried out. In other situations, the main request is anonymity, which cannot be achieved by specifying official contacts. It is recommended to use the services of the "Grizzly Sms" service. Here you can buy a virtual number for registration in Telegram. The cost is from a few cents apiece, depending on the selected country.

What does "This Telegram channel is unavailable" mean on iPhone and Android

There are several possible situations here. Most often, the reason is copyright infringement. Large operating system development companies are making their contribution. Even if the Telegram administration does not block certain channels, the OS can do it. We are talking about devices running iOS and Android. In this case, a Telegram message is issued: "this channel is unavailable because it was used for distribution ...". Despite this, the messenger has left a number of loopholes to prevent such restrictions of its users.

The telegram channel is banned because it was used for distribution

There are various situations when the Telegram channel is unavailable on your device. Blocking is not always carried out by third-party systems. If the ban is issued by the administration of the messenger, the workarounds are no longer valid.

How to open a blocked channel in a Telegram to an iPhone

The instruction is not only suitable for mobile phones. It is intended for all devices that run the Apple operating system. This includes macOS. First of all, go to the official Telegram website and download the application from there. It does not include additional code that is intended to block objectionable content at the request of copyright holders.

Telegram writes "This channel is blocked on iPhone" - how to log in

Now let's consider further actions for the situation when the Telegram says "This channel is not available on the iPhone".

  1. Open the Telegram version for PC.
  2. Go to the settings section. We are interested in the "Privacy" page. Here we select the item "Disable restrictions". Move the slider to the appropriate position.

Telegram channel is banned - what to do on iPhone

      3. Now restart the app on the Apple device.

We have considered what to do if the Telegram channel is not available on the iPhone. It is important to note that certain restrictions remain:

  • blocked channels are only available by direct link, they will not be displayed in the search;
  • the channel avatar will not be displayed;
  • in some countries, the method will not help due to the peculiarities of legislation (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others).

How to access a banned channel in Telegram on Android devices

The task of viewing content that has fallen under the prohibition of copyright laws on Android is easier to solve. So, the Telegram channel is bunned – what to do? As in the previous case, download the download file from the official developer's website.

how to open banned channels in Telegram

It should be said that this version can work in parallel with the one that was downloaded from the Play Market. There are no restrictions on content from developers. 

In some cases, there is a problem installing the apk file from third-party sources. This is the built-in security systems of the device. You need to go to the smartphone settings and select the "Security" section. Here we are looking for the item "Installing applications from unknown sources". We move the slider to a position that allows such actions.

We have examined in detail how to open a blocked channels in Telegram. It should be said that the PC version of these restrictions is not provided.