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How to get a VK account

The social network Vkontakte is considered the most popular resource in Russia. Almost everyone is registered here. By 2023, the total number of active users has exceeded 74 million per month. This is a great place not only to chat with friends. It is well suited for doing business, finding a soulmate and a lot of other purposes. All this is impossible without a personal profile. How to get a VK account?

The easiest way is to sign up. You should understand that you will need to provide a personal phone number. There is not always an additional free contact. This is not a problem, since you can buy a virtual number to register in VK. It is quick and convenient.

Where to get a VK account

Is it possible to find a VK account for free

Quite often you want to get everything at once. Do you need a profile on a social network, but there is no desire to create it? Immediately you have a question whether there is a site where you can get a VK account for free. We'll have to disappoint you: there is no such option or you will have to pay on specialized trading platforms.

Instructions on how to find a VK account

If you find such an offer, do not use it. Most likely, something is wrong. The Internet is full of enthusiasts, but they obviously will not register profiles in social networks for their distribution. It's most likely some kind of scam.

How to find a VK account by a virtual number

We will try to understand how to complete the task. The process can be divided into two parts – registration and purchase of a virtual number, followed by the creation of a social network account using it.

The instruction looks like this:

     1.  Go to the registration page. The standard method involves entering an email. To speed up the process, you can import data from VK, Facebook or Instagram.

Get a free VK account

      2.  In the top menu find "Top up balance".

     3.  There will be a page with the ability to choose a payment method. Press the appropriate item and you’ll see a window for entering the amount. Specify how much you want to transfer and click "Pay". In the description for each option, the size of the commission is indicated.

Where to get a VK account for free

     4.  Go to the store. Select first the country, then the service for registration. It is not at all necessary to look for the desired option in the list. It is enough to enter the name or part of it in the corresponding field. The purchased number is saved in the "Active numbers" section.

Buy a virtual number for VK

     5.  Proceed to registration in the social network. Enter the purchased number.

Get VK account

     6.  You will need to enter the last 4 digits of the number from which the call will come. There is an important thing – the virtual contact does not receive calls. To receive an SMS, you’ll have to wait.

Where to get a VK account

     7.  When it is completed, click "Send SMS". To receive it, go back to your personal account on the “Grizzly Sms” website. There will be a notification, copy the access code.

Where to get a VK account for free

      8.  Insert the password, confirm. Now the page has been created, you can start filling out personal information.

Ways to get a VK account for free


This method is always suitable when you need to find a VK account. It doesn't matter how many profiles you want to create, since there is a large number of contacts. The task takes no more than a few minutes.

Why is it better to get a VK account by a virtual number, and not to buy

There is a logical question: why do you need to follow the instruction of eight points, when the cost of a Vkontakte account is several cents. Let's list the key reasons:

     1.  Honesty. Are you sure that the seller did not give the account to several people at once? This is a popular way to increase profits.

     2.  Reliability. Sellers use programs for the bulk creation of VK profiles. To reduce the total cost, all protection options are not applied. Such accounts look suspicious to the system and often are banned.

     3.  Cost. Consider the previous two points and add risks. The price still seems attractive.

When looking for where to find a free VK account, people often remember temporary numbers available to everyone. These offers are made by some services for advertising. The problem is that you're not the only one thinking about it. For a dozen free numbers, there will be several hundred who want to register. Half of them will need a Vkontakte account.