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Registration in Odnoklassniki without phone number in 2023

Maybe someone will be surprised, but today the social network Odnoklassniki is in the top 30 most visited sites in the world, and the number of active users is measured in tens of millions. Therefore, it is not surprising that this resource is an object of serious interest from business, not much inferior in this parameter to the other popular resource Vkontakte. Hence the desire of many Internet users to find out if registration in Odnoklassniki without phone number is possible.

Looking further forward, we note it is quite possible, executed in a few clicks and will be useful in the following situations:

  • you need several accounts on the social network (to separate personal and business communication, to promote your business as efficiently as possible, you have a very complicated and confusing personal life), and there is no desire to buy a new starter pack;
  • you do not want to show your real mobile number in order to protect yourself from unwanted advertising activity or from other intrusive people;
  • you want to register in Odnoklassniki without phone number, because access to your old page has been lost and the SIM card attached to it has been lost.

How to register Odnoklassniki without phone number?

So, first you need a virtual number to receive registration SMS. So that registration in Odnoklassniki without phone number 2023 goes without unnecessary hassle, we recommend that you use the "Grizzly Sms" service for selling temporary numbers. For several reasons:

  1. One of the lowest prices on the market for a one-time message reception or long-term lease of a virtual number;
  2. High speed (everything happens online) and the quality of the service;
  3. Convenient interface, thanks to which the registration process on any resource proceeds almost imperceptibly;
  4. Highly qualified support service that will help you find an answer to any question.

For your convenience, we provide detailed instructions for buying a virtual number for Odnoklassniki using the example of "Grizzly Sms":

      1. Before registering in Odnoklassniki without number, log in to the main page of the site. You only need an email address or an account in one of the popular social networks;

Create Odnoklassniki page without phone number

      2. Select the country of the telephone operator and the required service (Odnoklassniki);

Buy a virtual number for OK

      3. You will see the cost of one-time message reception from the selected service. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account for the purchase. If not, payment methods are provided using all popular payment systems;

      4. Select your country and service again and click “Buy”.

Now you can proceed to registration in OK without phone number.

Odnoklassniki: sign in without phone number using the "Grizzly Sms" service

Next, you need to go through the procedure for creating a profile on Odnoklassniki social network:

• registration of a new user without number begins on the main page of the service, where, in addition to personal information, you must indicate the purchased virtual phone number (see the previous section);

Register in Odnoklassniki without phone number

• after that, within 1-2 minutes, a message with a registration code will be sent to your account on "Grizzly Sms". Copy it;

• return to the social network page and paste the received code into the appropriate field. Finish creating your account.

That's it, now you know how to create Odnoklassniki page without phone number.

Virtual or real phone number?

A few words about the advantages of using a virtual number to create an account in Odnoklassniki:

  • registering a new user without a phone number is much cheaper than using a real mobile (if you need to buy a starter pack) and often much more rational. After all, real contact may no longer be needed;
  • one-time SMS reception is cheaper than the purchase of a ready-made account. And definitely more secure, since no one will resell your profile in a new circle;
  • you get the opportunity to buy several accounts at once using phones of any country in the world, saving your money and time;
  • all operations on "Grizzly Sms" are anonymous, your personal information will not be shown anywhere, you can rest assured.
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