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GPT Store from OpenAI: Overview

Earlier this year, OpenAI introduced the long-awaited GPT Store marketplace, which was announced four months ago. According to the company, during this time users have created over three million custom versions of the chatbot and are ready to share them with the community. In this article we will tell you everything that is currently known about the new AI app store.

By the way, if you plan to use OpenAI's neural network, you will need to register in the chatbot with a phone number to access all the capabilities of the service. And it is best to register anonymously using the Grizzly Sms phone number activator, because we guarantee receiving the verification code and complete confidentiality. And our phone numbers for creating an account in ChatGPT OpenAI are affordable even for the most frugal users gpts!

OpenAI GPT Store: The First Marketplace for Customized Neural Networks

In November 2023, OpenAI gave third-party developers the ability to create custom versions of its smart chatbot. This release of new functionality was part of the DevDay event. Since then, users have been able to customize and enhance GPT models by training them on their own data or through an API integration. This step improved the standard capabilities of the neural network and made it more functional and specialized than the original ChatGPT version based on GPT-4.

Now about the launch of GPT Store. Previously, personalized versions of ChatGPT were only available as links, and there was no official mechanism for monetizing such content. The emergence of GPT Store solved this problem by providing the community with an AI app marketplace for various niche tasks.

OpenAI plans to share revenue with developers of custom ChatGPT versions, as promised by the company's CEO Sam Altman at DevDay. Unlike regular marketplaces, GPT Store does not involve buying and selling programs with the transfer of all rights from the seller to the buyer, but developers can make money from GPT Store. At the moment, the company has not yet disclosed the exact content monetization model. It is reported that developers will be able to generate income based on user engagement with their AI applications. Initially, monetization will only be available to US residents. More detailed information will be published before the launch of this option in the first quarter of 2024.

Access to the OpenAI AI app store requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which costs $20 per month. The store is also available to users of the ChatGPT Team and Enterprise business plans. Free account holders are currently unable to list their GPTs in the marketplace or rent them from developers.

Chat GPT Store: What AI-based apps are available for purchase?

Any ChatGPT Plus user can already explore the capabilities of the AI app catalog in the smart chatbot interface. Its main advantage is specialization - users can easily find dozens of specialized GPT models tailored to specific areas and tasks. OpenAI claims that the GPT Store app will be regularly updated with new custom GPT versions. At the moment, the store has a standard marketplace design with a search bar and thematic categories.

Among them:

  • Top Picks (most popular apps of the week);
  • DALL-E (applications based on the text-to-image neural network of the same name);
  • Writing (applications for generating, editing and styling text);
  • Productivity (applications to increase productivity);
  • Research & Analysis (applications for searching, evaluating, interpreting and visualizing data);
  • Programming (applications for generating code, debugging, testing and learning programming);
  • Education (applications for learning new knowledge and skills);
  • Lifestyle (applications with recommendations for travel, sports, style, nutrition, etc.).

At the time of writing this article, the Top Picks category of the GPT Store contains AllTrails apps with personalized route recommendations, the Consensus search engine for 200 million scientific papers, the Code Tutor from Khan Academy for learning programming, and the Books book search engine.

Open AI GPT Store: New Subscription Plan

That's not all of the new features. After OpenAI launched the GPT Store chatbot marketplace, the company immediately introduced a new ChatGPT Team plan designed for teams of any size and format. Subscribers to this plan get access to a private part of the new marketplace where they can jointly use AI apps in their workspace. In addition, this plan allows you to create custom GPT versions and share them with colleagues. Users have access to an admin console with team and workspace management capabilities, as well as early access to new product features and enhancements.

This plan also provides expanded service tools such as GPT-4 with a 32K context window, the DALL-E 3 text-to-image neural network, and Advanced Data Analysis, formerly known as Code Interpreter. The cost of the plan for using Chat GPT Store is $25 per user per month for an annual subscription or $30 per user per month for monthly payment. The ability to use the GPT Store will soon be available to ChatGPT Enterprise corporate plan subscribers as well. Developers promise to provide them with advanced management capabilities such as choosing how to share custom GPTs and more.

GPT Store App Marketplace: Conclusion

The launch of GPT Store marks a new stage in the development not only of the chatbot itself, but of the entire generative AI industry. This marketplace turns the neural network into a full-fledged ecosystem, providing the ability to create and distribute millions of specialized AI applications for different areas and tasks. Although the question of the content monetization model remains unclear, there is reasonable hope that OpenAI will introduce an understandable payment model for third-party developers' products in the near future.

Today, time is the most valuable resource for business. Almost half of it goes to routine. Your employees are constantly forced to perform monotonous tasks that are difficult to classify as important and core. You can leave everything as it is, hiring additional employees, or you can use modern technologies to automate business processes. Like the OpenAI GPT Store plugin. Just don't forget about information security and use a reliable SMS activator to register for online services!

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