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Use Chat GPT in your native language for free

Interacting with modern neural network technologies gives an ordinary user invaluable experience. From simple communication with AI and querying recipes to assistance in studying, working and even business. The brainchild of the American company OpenAI is a pioneer among similar services where a person can establish real contact with, albeit algorithmic but evolving, information system. But for the user's convenience, it is necessary to get the ability to use Chat GPT in their native language. And there are issues with that, the answers to which we will try to find within this material.

And here you can find virtual numbers to register for OpenAI services from the reliable and therefore popular SMS activator Grizzly SMS. And with their help, you can try Chat GPT in Russian for free, applying a minimum of effort and using the information offered below.

How to log in to Chat GPT online for free?

As part of this task, two subtasks can be identified:

  1. Free online registration in Chat GPT;
  2. Using the neural network service in your native language.

The first part causes the most doubts due to the restrictions imposed by the American company that developed the chatbot. In many countries such as Russia, Belarus, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan access to the service is limited. However, despite this, technical obstacles can be overcome.

How to use Chat Chat GPT for free: registration

First of all, it is necessary to circumvent the restrictions and make the chatbot think that the user is not located in one of the prohibited countries. Several important tools can be used for this. So here's how to start using Chat GPT 4 for free:

  1. To mask your location, use a proxy server or any VPN service. Regardless of the tool you choose, make sure the server through which you will connect to the chatbot is not located in one of the above "black list" countries.
  2. To register for Chat GPT for free, use a Virtual number with guaranteed delivery of the verification SMS. It is necessary to confirm that your phone number belongs to an operator from another (from the "white list") country.

When both tools are prepared, you can proceed to free registration in Chat GPT in Russian for free. This process is not difficult:

  1. Connect to the proxy server or launch the VPN service (we remind you that the server country must be selected from the "white list", for example, in Western Europe or the Baltic States);
  2. Open the OpenAI ​​website and find the link to the chatbot. You can also go directly to;
  3. Fill out the standard form. When linking an account, keep in mind that the email address must be unique. If there were previous attempts to link an existing address, use another one;
  4. Enter your phone number and confirm it using the verification code from the SMS. Note that a virtual number from those countries where ChatGPT is not prohibited will work. Working options can be found at the link, and instructions for using the SMS activator can be found here;
  5. After specifying a temporary number, complete registration using the verification code from SMS;
  6. Now you can proceed to actually use the service. Read more below

Use Chat GPT for free in your native language

The presented service is a powerful artificial intelligence model trained to have natural conversations that are understandable to humans. It is capable of answering various questions, giving advice, providing information and much more. Despite this, its interface may seem quite simple and minimalistic.

After successfully registering for ChatGPT for free, you will be taken to your personal page in the chatbot. Here you will see several text blocks describing the capabilities of the service, a field for entering messages (similar to messengers), and a panel for profile settings and launched chats.

To successfully use ChatGPT in your native language, you need to know the basic rules of interaction with it. Here's what you should pay attention to:

  1. Remember that the chatbot is unable to understand emotions, so avoid questions that require an emotional response or empathy;
  2. Give the neural network enough information to understand your question, as it does not store information about previous conversations or about you as a user;
  3. Do not ask ChatGPT 4 for free to give specific personal or medical advice, as it is not an expert in these areas;
  4. Do not provide the service with confidential data such as passwords or credit card numbers, as it does not have access to your personal information;
  5. Remember that ChatGPT is unable to learn in real time during your dialogue;
  6. Formulate your questions clearly and specifically so that the chatbot can understand you accurately;
  7. Remember that the service does not have information about the external environment, such as current news or weather, unless it was mentioned during your dialogue.
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