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Chinese Tik Tok: the features of registration

It is no secret that the Chinese virtual space is different. The Great Firewall has an impact, and as a result, users on both sides are in parallel information realities. However, the isolation is not complete, and anyone today can find out, for example, what is Chinese Tiktok.

Not only find out, but also take advantage of its functionality, which differs significantly from the Western version. In particular, Douyin Tik Tok allows its users to:

  • stream regardless of the number of the subscribers;
  • use a virtual store integrated into the social network. For the convenience, a virtual account is provided;
  • get official permission to start a personal business right in the service profile;
  • see more detailed information about each profile.

In addition, the Douyin Tik Tok in China has a black theme as standard. Also it is possible to connect covers for profile design.

If you are interested in getting acquainted with an authentic version of a popular service, read the article to the end. Before you start, take a look at the home page of the "Grizzly Sms" site. There you will find reliable temporary numbers for registration in any place on the Web. Try our virtual number generator and you are guaranteed to complete SMS verification for TikTok and any other site completely anonymously. In addition, the price is affordable.

How to create a Douyin account from Russia?

Perhaps for some, the following information will come as a surprise: in China there is no service under the name we are used to. What is Chinese Tik Tok? Local users know this short video hosting as Douyin. The division into two services is due to significant differences in the information policies of China and the West. As you know, China is trying to protect its users from outside influence.

Therefore, you will have to try a little before creating a Chinese Tik Tok account. There are the most detailed instructions for different situations, so that you register with minimal time and effort. Here are the steps:

  1. App installation on:
    • Android;
    • iOS;
  2. Account creation:
    • standard registration;
    • registering Douyin account using social networks;
    • other ways.

How to download China Tiktok on Android

First you need to find the installation APK file. There are plenty of them on the Internet, you can easily find them. Do not download from suspicious sites, use reliable ones.

Before registering Douyin account, we recommend downloading the latest version of the application (if you have a choice).

After downloading the file, start the installation. You may need to allow the installation of unknown applications. You can do this in the system settings of your smartphone.

During the installation of the application, critical errors may appear. If this happens, just try downloading a different version of the APK file.

How to download China Tiktok on iPhone

You should start the installation by changing the regional settings in the AppStore. This is done in Apple ID settings. Naturally, it is necessary to choose China. After that, the local version of the service will appear in the store.

To download the Chinese Tik Tok Douyin, you do not need to beat around the bush here. The download process will not differ from the standard. However, after installing, the user will find that the Chinese language causes certain difficulties. You can fix this by resetting the regional settings in your Apple ID. Do not worry, after resetting the region, the application will work.

Douyin: registration with phone number (standard)

For the reasons above, registration in a local service is possible only using a local phone number. Most likely you will not have it. Therefore, the best way is to use a virtual phone number. A reliable SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms" will help you. You will find the detailed instructions on how to get a Chinese virtual number for registering in Douyin in Russian here. Then follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Launch the downloaded Douyin application (the icon is the same as you are used to, only the signature will be in hieroglyphs 抖音);
  2. Check the box to agree to the license agreement and enter your phone number. Next, click on the big red button;
  3. Enter the verification code at the next stage (you will receive it via SMS or on the website of the virtual number provider, depending on the number used). Confirm number linking;
  4. You can proceed to use the service. Just remember, after logging out the account, you will again need to enter a verification code, which will come to the registered phone number.

Douyin: registration using social networks

Since many social networks available for linking to a Douyin account use phone number linking, your task is to create an account on a Chinese site that allows the use of a non-Chinese contact. For example, you can use the Weibo social network. Here you will learn how to create an account there in no time.

After you create a Weibo account, and before creating Chinese Tiktok, launch the service app and go to我 tab. There will be an ellipsis button, click it. Next, you need to select the option to use a Weibo account for authorization in Douyin TikTok. Confirm the transition to the social network application and check the boxes for “more permissions”. If everything is done correctly, you can proceed to use the service.

Douyin: alternative registration

If both of the above methods do not suit you for any reason and you are the owner of an Apple device, try using a single account. This method will work if you use a new Chinese account with a pre-fixed phone number while downloading the Douyin application.

How to have Chinese Tik Tok in this way? Run the application and click on the symbol (transition to the authorization page). Next, instead of entering a phone number, click on the apple symbol. If your case falls under the criteria described above, you will get access to the service without any problems.