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How to create Weibo account without phone number

Social media are an indispensable part of the life of the bigger part of humanity in 2023. Today, you can hardly find an Internet user who does not visit one of such platforms every day. Traditionally, in our segment of the Web, the most commonly used sources are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, yet, today, we would like to discuss an interesting Chinese service that keeps on rapidly growing in popularity across the entire world. And, certainly, we will explain to you how to register Weibo without phone number 2023 as this procedure is characterized by a few nuances.

Besides, we would like to recommend you a convenient service for SMS activation — Grizzly Sms. The clients of this store are provided with the opportunity to register on any Internet sources with the help of reliable virtual numbers without almost any limitations. All these services are convenient, quick, and rather affordable. Now, you will not have to visit offline stores and spend heavy sums on new SIM starter kits. On our website, you can buy a single SMS receipt from 1 cent and create profiles on any platforms you wish!

Weibo international sign up without phone number at ease

The key problem for an English-speaking user — the Chinese interface of this social network, in particular — its home page. However, it is possible to create Weibo without number English — thanks to recommendations from our guide, you will cope with that without any problems. Take a few simple steps and proceed to communicate or promote your business in the virtual world, which is totally new to you. So, follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the starter page of this social media. There, you will see lots of Chinese hieroglyphs. Then, you can make use of the translation tool, which is built in your browser, and open the version in a suitable language. Or you can just switch to the English interface;

Image 1 How to make Weibo account without phone number

  1. Choose the type of registration – a personal profile or a business one. In the first case, you will need to enter your mobile number, password, birth date, and the verification code, which will arrive at your phone number;

Image 2 How to enter Weibo without number for verification

  1. If you opt for a business profile, you will be asked to fill in the name of your country and its location;

Image 3 Use Weibo without number in English

  1. In both cases – confirm your registration with the help of the code that will arrive at you via SMS.

Image 4 Make a profile on Weibo without number in USA

  1. Press the “Sign Up Now” button. That’s it, your Weibo sign up without phone number is finished. Congratulations to the owner of a new profile!

Image 5 How to register Weibo without phone number 2023

However, it is not always advisable to share your personal phone number with foreign platforms. Besides, in some cases, one may need more than one account, but buying an extra SIM card for each additional profile is expensive. Thus, before you try to obtain a Weibo login without phone number, be sure to read the information below.

Weibo registration with the help of a virtual number

If, due to some reason, you cannot use your own contact data, you will benefit from our guide on how to open Weibo account without phone number. This solution is simple and pretty permissible.

For a start, you will need a proven SMS activation service. No doubt, Grizzly Sms is exactly such kind of platform. See that yourself – to our customers, we offer:

  • the most pleasant prices for a single SMS receipt;
  • extreme speed and reliability of the operation;
  • any quantity of numbers for any platforms you need from across the globe;
  • convenience in every detail – from a simple registration process and easy payment methods to helpful communication with a support team in the case of need.

For you to create Weibo without number in USA in a quick and problem-free way, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for you:

  1. Enter our system by following this link with the help of an electronic address or account on Instagram, Facebook, or VK;

Image 6 Weibo international sign up without phone number

  1. Use the search bar to find the service you need (Weibo) in the list and view the cost of a single SMS receipt from the platform selected;

Image 7 Create Weibo without number English

  1. Replenish your balance with one of the methods on offer. For your convenience, there is an option of paying for our services with a bank card, a wallet on one of the electronic payment systems, cryptocurrency;

Image 8 Weibo sign up without phone number

  1. Go back to the page for selecting the service and confirm your intentions by clicking on the “Buy” button near the name of the social network chosen;


  1. In the “Active numbers” tab, you will see the phone number generated, which will help you successfully complete your registration on Weibo without number for verification with a few clicks;

Image 9 Get a Weibo login without phone number

  1. Go through the sign-up procedure on this social network by following the instructions presented in the previous paragraph. As your contact number, use the virtual one;
  2. In your cabinet on Grizzly Sms, you will find an SMS message with a verification code, which must be copied into the corresponding field on Weibo to finish the registration.

Now, you know how to make Weibo account without phone number for yourself or your company. Use the opportunities provided by this hybrid of Facebook and Twitter from China to the full!