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How to Get Douyin Account outside of Сhina


One of the most popular social media platforms in the world is the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin. Many people believe that this app is superior to the international one due to the quality and type of content proliferating on it. If you want to get a Douyin account outside of China, you will need to go through several hoops.

The app was released in 2016. After just a year, its user count surpassed 100 million users. Right now, the daily user count is close to 600 million making it, by far, the most popular media website in China. Despite its popularity, the app is not available to many people from outside of the PRC.

Instructions to get a Douyin account outside of China

It should be noted that you cannot access the content featured on the platform through the TikTok app. To top it all off, you need to have a local account created with a phone number from China or several other Asian countries that are allowed to use Douyin.

Downloading a special app is not complicated. It is available on all application stores, but you will need to use a local phone number to make a new account and log in. This process is slightly more complicated.

We strongly recommend using the Douyin virtual phone numbers page on the Grizzly SMS official website. The platform has a large number of different temporary numbers for Douyin account registration. You can find hundreds of ready-to-use numbers for a variety of online services and websites.

Here are steps you need to take to get a virtual number for Douyin registration:

  • Go to the official website of the Grizzly SMS platform.
  • Create a new account or log in using your credentials.
  • Search for “Douyin” in the Service Selection form.

  • Below, in the Search by Country form look for “China” or another available country.
  • Click “GET” next to the country name.
  • The virtual number for Douyin registration will be in your profile.
  • Open the Douyin app and enter the number with the correct country code.
  • Wait for an SMS with a confirmation code.

We remind you that the Grizzly SMS platform allows for up to twenty minutes of wait time during which you can cancel the purchase for free (if you did not receive an SMS). Since the Douyin app is known for its login issues for people outside of the CPR, we strongly recommend waiting for a couple of minutes before trying a new number.

In some cases, you may struggle to log in even after creating a new account successfully. Unfortunately, we cannot help if it happens. You will simply have to try again with a new Douyin virtual number from China.

Advantages of using Grizzly SMS to create a Douyin account

The large catalog of available listings offer you a way to reliably create Douyin accounts with virtual numbers from China. You may want to make just one account to check the content, enjoy a variety of educational videos or follow your favorite creators.

If you plan to run an e-Commerce business in the CPR, using Douyin is a good way to look for customers and market your products and services. Get several Douyin accounts from outside of China with authentic Chinese phone numbers bought from Grizzly SMS!

If you want to have a good experience and make legitimate Douyin accounts without living in China or having friends there, using virtual numbers is the best option! 


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