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How and where to find a Steam account?

Lost access to an online platform is a common problem in the world, where each user can have several dozen accounts in various services. It is especially unpleasant if this happened to the account of your favorite gaming platform. But don’t worry, we are going to tell you where to get Steam accounts.

We also will talk about how easy and simple it is to get access to absolutely any online service. Of course, using “Grizzly Sms” temporary numbers. You’ll get the opportunity of unlimited registration where you need at a price of several cents and completely anonymously. Working temporary numbers for Steam and other services are already waiting for you!

Where to find a Steam account: ways

Unfortunately, the policy of the resource caused the fact that the previously relevant way to search for accounts no longer works. It's about the ability to find out how to get Steam accounts by username. A few years ago it was possible to perform a similar search on the gaming platform and find out the account ID, but now this is impossible.

It is impossible to do this with the help of numerous sites that are easily googled and offer help for money, beware of scammers! If suddenly you know the ID of the account you are looking for, then not all is lost. There are resources where, having such information, you can get what you want. Where to find my Steam account this way? For example, on or

If you still can't return access to the service, you have three ways:

  1. Create a new profile by buying a new starter pack;
  2. Rent a Steam account (existing);
  3. Get a new work profile with an inexpensive virtual number.

We think that the latter way is the most preferable in modern realities. A temporary contact is inexpensive, and it is easier to work with it than with a real SIM card, which needs to be bought. Use the virtual SMS generator "Grizzly Sms" and get access to the service popular among gamers as efficiently as possible. Our advantages:

  • the best prices;
  • a guarantee of receiving SMS with a verification code;
  • a large selection of sites for registration;
  • mobile operators of all countries of the world;
  • good conditions for bulk purchase;
  • high speed of work and convenient payment methods;
  • competent technical support.

Where to get Steam accounts: use a virtual number

If you have not yet faced the SMS activation service, we will tell you how to use it. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and the question where to find a Steam account will no longer arise. Do the following:

  1. Log in to your personal account on our website;
  2. Using the search on the left of the screen, find the site you need and select the appropriate country of the telephone operator (the choice is wide);
  3. You will find out the cost of a single SMS reception, which will give you the opportunity to log in to the game portal. Top up your account in a convenient way (cards of all banks in the world, cryptocurrency, as well as electronic wallets are accepted);
  4. Where to get the Steam accounts? Return to the service page and confirm the number purchased. You will find the number on the “Active Numbers” tab, copy or write it down;
  5. Go to the site of the game resource. Create a new account using a purchased contact. The verification code that will allow you to complete the procedure can also be found in the "Active numbers" next to your purchase. This way you will get the key to the paid and free games store in just a couple of clicks.