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Buy an Alibaba account quickly and inexpensively

We have long been accustomed to buying a variety of things at low prices in popular Chinese marketplaces, where the goods themselves are produced. However, these sites are different. And, unlike Aliexpress, too, it is rational to register on some sites not for personal needs, but to conduct a successful business. That's why it's important for many people to buy an Alibaba account today.

Registration in the b2b service, known all over the world, gives the profile owner a number of advantages:

  • the opportunity to profitably purchase Chinese goods on an industrial scale;
  • always have access to one of the largest online marketplaces on the whole planet;
  • use access to cheap things from China for personal purposes.

But to do this, you just need to link your profile to your personal phone number, which is not always convenient. In many situations, it will be cheaper for yourself to buy an Alibaba seller account for a few cents and thereby get rid of unnecessary headaches. Therefore, today we are talking about this alternative option.

And to get access to a reliable SMS activation service, visit the main page of the "Grizzly Sms" website. There you will always get the opportunity to register on any Internet site in an alternative way. So, you can easily buy a reliable virtual number for registration on Alibaba, moreover inexpensively. Oh, yes: easy, inexpensive and absolutely anonymous. See for yourself!

How to buy an Alibaba account using a virtual number for almost free?

In 2023, we strongly recommend using a virtual phone number to register in online services. For a number of reasons, it is worth buying an Alibaba seller account using the SMS activation service:

  • a temporary number is much cheaper than a real one. And since you only need to receive a message with a verification code to complete the profile creation, why pay more? Many times more. The same applies to buying an existing account with your hands – it is also more expensive than a virtual number;
  • those who value their time know that it is better to spend a couple of extra cents than two extra hours to go to the nearest mobile phone store to buy a starter package or sign an e-sim contract. You can also search for the account seller for several hours. But buying a virtual number takes a couple of minutes!
  • if you buy an Alibaba account using a one-time number, it will be fully functional and with an unblemished history. What can not be said about the second-hand accounts, with which anything could happen. And if so, then you should be afraid of being banned at any time.

If you want to register online as quickly, safely and economically as possible, use the services of "Grizzly Sms". Our clients always get what they pay money for. In addition, if you decide to buy an Alibaba seller account from us, you will receive a number of additional bonuses:

  • the best prices for receiving SMS from Internet services (it is better only for free, but this is inaccurate, because the reliability of such services leaves much to be desired);
  • sms receipt guarantee. Up to the point that the payment is debited only after receiving a message from the selected site;
  • hundreds of numbers are always available for hundreds of Internet services from social networks to all popular marketplaces. It is very convenient that SMS reception is possible to the numbers of more than 200 countries of the world;
  • buying an Alibaba account from us means saving maximum time, since the service interface is intuitive, everything works quickly, there is a well–thought-out API programming interface for mass purchases, and payment is accepted by all popular methods on the Internet (from ordinary plastic cards of any bank in the world to cryptocurrency);
  • we do not merge our customers' personal data into advertising databases. Besides, we don't request them ourselves. You just need to use an email address to register. This approach makes the virtual number the most anonymous method of registration;
  • if something remains unclear, a round-the-clock support chat is at your service.

Alibaba accounts in a couple of clicks: step-by-step instructions

How exactly is the process of registering a new account using a virtual number? It's very simple. To buy an Alibaba seller account using our SMS activation service, follow a few simple and clear steps:

  1. Log in to our service. As we wrote above, it is enough to specify your e-mail. If you are too lazy to go through the standard authorization procedure, you can use an account in one of the social networks to log in. Facebook, VK or Instagram accounts will do;
  2. On the left side of any page of our portal you will find a list of countries and services. Specify the ones you need and check the cost of receiving a message from the selected site;
  3. Before you buy an Alibaba account, top up your account in any way acceptable to you. The money will fall into your account almost instantly;
  4. Return to the service selection page or immediately follow this link. Make sure that the country and site you need are selected. It remains to click on the “Buy” button next to the name of the marketplace.
  5. Go to the “Active Numbers” tab there you will be waiting for the generated phone number in the format of the country that you selected at the previous stage;
  6. Then go to the official website and run the standard registration procedure there;
  7. Fill out an electronic form where you need to specify your country, e-mail, company name, seller/buyer status, come up with a password and insert the purchased phone number into the appropriate field;
  8. Under the phone number, you need to move the slider to send you a message with the verification code. Without this step, it is impossible to buy an Alibaba account;
  9. You will find the message itself in the "Grizzly Sms" account next to the purchased number. Copy it to the appropriate field and complete the profile creation.
  10. (optional) you can repeat the described algorithm if you need more than one account. And then you can start buying and selling cheap Chinese goods profitably.

Done. Agree that it is very easy to buy an Alibaba account today!