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How to purchase an Amazon Prime Account

Amazon is an American company that operates in the field of e–commerce. The most popular product is an online store. It is considered the largest trading platform in the world. It is important to understand that Amazon is not only engaged in the organization of sales. This is a whole platform with a lot of services.

Buying an Amazon account means getting access to all the features of this platform. For example, this includes the Prime streaming service, the FunPay gaming value exchange, the AWS public cloud, and much more.

Buy an Amazon account

Amazon is leaving Russia

In March, it became known that the company was leaving the Russian and Belarusian markets. Among other things, the registration of new accounts from these regions has been discontinued. There are several ways to circumvent this restriction. 

Buying an Amazon Prime account is not the best solution. A much more effective option would be to conduct an independent registration. To do this, you will need a mobile phone of another country.

The "Grizzly Sms" service is ready to offer help. Here you can buy a virtual number to register with Amazon. The cost starts from $ 0.11, depending on the selected country.

Amazon account – buy a registration number

We will try to understand in more detail how to create a profile. First of all, we will need to purchase a virtual number. Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Register on the «Grizzly Sms» website. The user is required to provide an email address and repeat the password twice. Faster way to import data from a social network (VK, Instagram or Facebook) at the click of a button. In any case, confidentiality is guaranteed.

Buy an Amazon account

  1. When the account is created, you need to top up the balance. The corresponding button can be found in the top menu of the personal account.

Buy an Amazon Prime account - instructions

  1. Go to the payment window. Several options are offered here, which includes a plastic card (Visa/MasterCard), a Payeer cryptocurrency wallet, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. After selecting the appropriate method, a special field appears. The amount in rubles is entered into it. Click the "Pay" button to top up your personal account.

How to Buy an Amazon Prime Video Account

  1. Now nothing prevents you from purchasing a virtual number. On the main page of the store, first select the country (in our case, Kazakhstan), then the service (Amazon). The system outputs a match. The user is only required to click the "Buy" button.

buy a virtual number to register on Amazon

The process is as simple as possible. After registering an account and replenishing the account, the purchase is carried out in a couple of clicks.

Registering an Amazon account using a virtual number

When we have a mobile phone, we can move on to the next stage. Creating a profile in the Amazon system is carried out as follows:

  1. Go to the registration page. Click the "Create your Amazon account" button.

  1. Fill in the suggested fields.

How to buy an amazon aws account

  1. Now the most important stage. It is required to verify the account using a virtual number. We indicate the phone purchased earlier. An SMS with a confirmation code is sent to it. You can get it in the personal account of the "Grizzly Sms" website. Go there, copy the numbers and complete the registration.

Buy an Amazon account on FunPay

The account allows you to get an account in all services that belong to Amazon. This is a user-friendly system.

Why is it better to purchase a virtual number rather than buy an Amazon account

A large number of sites offer ready-made profiles of this platform. There are a number of reasons why buying an Amazon Prime account would not be the best solution.

  1. Cost. The price of a virtual number is low. When it comes to ready-made accounts, they will cost more. 
  2. Security. It is impossible to be sure that the seller will not return his profile back or has not implemented it to several people at once. This requires spending extra time changing passwords and other actions.
  3. Legality. The owners of the platform are struggling with the sale of profiles in every possible way. To buy a seller's account on Amazon means to purchase an account registered using the program. The system monitors such activity. There is a high probability of getting banned.

If you need to buy a Prime Gaming or FunPay account, you may encounter stolen profiles. In this case, there is a high probability of blocking or returning to the original owner. All this can be avoided if you independently register for the purchased virtual number.

Buy a seller's account on Amazon

Advantages of the "Grizzly Sms" service

Why should you choose us? There are several valid arguments:

  • low prices;
  • numbers from several hundred countries;
  • only working phones;
  • simple purchase;
  • convenient ways to top up with a minimum commission;
  • instant SMS receipt.

If there are difficulties or questions, it is recommended to write to an employee. We have a proven system of rapid feedback.


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