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Buy a number for YouTube registration

In 2023 you’ll hardly find an online service that doesn’t require account verification through a phone number. It’s a simple and secure way to confirm a user’s identity. Obviously, more and more people start finding it threatening to their security and try to avoid using their private phone numbers online where it is possible. If you’re one of these people, continue reading and find out how to connect a phone number to a YouTube channel without exposing your personal number and still retaining the ability to use all YouTube’s functions.

Also, in this article we’ll tell you about a secure and convenient service of virtual authentication Grizzly SMS. Here you can find a virtual phone number for registration on any online resource of your choice, from social applications to popular marketplaces. Only here you can get a guarantee for successful registration using a virtual number while still keeping your online privacy safe. Try using a virtual number for registration on any of Google's services and see how simple and affordable it is.

How to confirm a YouTube number with a virtual SMS generator?

If you don’t want to fight with tons of online spam and scam, consider not using your personal phone number for registration at online platforms. Also, this is the case when you need a second account somewhere. How to buy a number for YouTube then? It’s very easy.

A virtual number is no different from a real one (from the point of view of a platform). You’ll receive your verification code online and use it on the platform to finalize your registration as you would with any other number. What are the benefits of using a virtual number?

  • It’s cheaper than having a separate SIM card (you just pay for a single SMS).
  • It’s totally anonymous.
  • Your new account is fully functional and completely safe.

There are quite a lot of services selling virtual numbers now. However, not all of them are safe to use. If you want guaranteed registration at a service of your choice, consider Grizzly SMS. Besides guarantees, we offer:

  • affordable SMS reception (also guaranteed - in case a verification message is not received, we’ll give your money back);
  • available numbers for any online platforms;
  • numbers from all over the world;
  • lucrative bulk offers;
  • not only cost-efficiency but also time-efficiency: our virtual number provider is very fast and fault-proof. We support several payment methods and have a fast support team that would eliminate any troubles right away.

Use a virtual phone number for YouTube verification: a detailed guide

Here’s a detailed guide for those who have never used a virtual number before. Have a look and see that registering an account on YouTube is a no-brainer.

  1. Log into Grizzly SMS or create an account on our service.
  2. Find a platform you want to register on in a list of supported platforms. By the way, you can use one virtual number for all Google services. Then choose a mobile provider for your number (from over 200 variants).
  3. Check the price for a single verification SMS. Then top your account for the necessary amount (we accept bank cards, e-money and crypto).
  4. On the page of the service of your choice press “Buy”.
  5. Go to the Active Numbers page and see your new virtual number. Once you use it on YouTube, you’ll receive a verification code on the same page.