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Fake phone number for VK for free in 2023

The already successful Russian social network is increasingly strengthening its dominant position in Russia against the background of recent events. It is difficult to find an Internet user who does not have an account in it. And many are even trying to find a fake phone number for VK online for free in 2023.

This is a rather non-trivial task. We spent half a day of free time solving it. And here's what we found in our research: it's almost impossible today to find a virtual phone number for free for VK on the Internet. Who does not agree – Google to help.

The first potential objection that I want to answer is that you can find services that promise a working fake phone number for free for VK. At the same time, if you use such a contact for registration, then the chance of a successful SMS verification reception is actually 0. Or, which also happens quite often, someone has already used the generated numbers to register on the social network.

There were also Internet resources that repeatedly lured with the opportunity to get a virtual phone number for free for VK, but in fact everything happened a little differently. To get a working contact for successful SMS activation of the account, it was necessary to part with the amount of $1.

Accordingly, even many hours of searching do not give the desired result. A reasonable and obvious way out for us is not an unsuccessful search for a resource where it would be possible to purchase a fake number for VK for free, but the use of a proven SMS activation service. «Grizzly Sms» is just the site that does not offer you a "pig in a poke", but fulfills the promised. Namely, it makes it possible to register in the most popular Russian–language social network for just a few cents, depending on the country of the telephone operator.

"Grizzly Sms" – get a fake number for VK almost for free

In addition to the fact that this service does not mislead its customers by promising to get a fake phone number for free for VK, an even more important point should be noted: low prices for a one-time SMS reception with a verification code. In fact, the lowest in the market of such services. With the help of "Grizzly Sms", guaranteed SMS activation for any Internet platforms (social networks, messengers, online stores, online cinemas, etc.) will cost you only a few cents.

Evaluate the advantages of "Grizzly Sms":

  1. Low price for one-time numbers to receive SMS and perform account activation. And also, the best price/quality ratio on the Internet. You know what you are paying for and you get it (payment only after receiving the message!);
  2. There is always a sufficient number of contacts from operators from almost all countries of the world for any Internet services. If you need a fake number almost for free for VK, there will always be free ones. As much as you need;
  3. All current payment methods for the convenience of users. You can pay for SMS activation services both with a bank card or a wallet of a popular payment system, and with cryptocurrency;
  4. Wholesale purchase of numbers for mass activation of accounts with the help of thoughtful API technology is provided;
  5. Technical support is also commendable: all questions are answered quickly and exhaustively (we had no problems using the resource, but for the test we contacted technical support with typical questions).

The conclusion is this: rather than wasting your precious time trying to find a fake phone number for free for VK, it is better to use for these purposes a specialized service that does not promise, but really provides convenient services at an affordable price and without pitfalls. It is always important to value not only money, but also time. After all, anyway, you will come to the fact that you will have to pay a certain amount for a virtual number