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Buy a driver or passenger Didi account quickly and inexpensively

The times when a personal car is an integral attribute of a young and successful person are receding into the past. Today, the world is ruled (literally and figuratively) by convenient online carsharing, ridesharing services, as well as taxi aggregators. But here's the problem: all such services require linking a phone number to an account, otherwise the service will be unavailable. Therefore, we are telling you today about how to buy a Didi account.

Why is this important? The Didi conglomerate, which has long grown throughout China, has already gone beyond the parent country. Today, you can rent a car, find fellow travelers or call a taxi using this service in more than 400 cities around the world. There are already almost half a billion users in the ecosystem under consideration, and you still don't know how to buy a driver or passenger Didi account.

How to buy a Didi account for a few cents?

It is difficult not to agree with the fact that a virtual number is a convenient alternative to a real number, especially when it is only necessary to register an account anywhere on the Network. After all, it is difficult to call someone who purchases a SIM card just for the sake of one incoming message from an Internet service a rational person. That's why it's better to buy a Didi account using virtual SMS activation:

  • a temporary number is several times cheaper than a new starter package and even a ready-made account;
  • sms activation services can be used remotely. There is no need to visit the nearest mobile phone shop. Also, you don't need to waste time searching on social networks VK or Instagram for a person who would sell you an existing account.;
  • accounts created using virtual numbers are indistinguishable from regular ones and have the same functionality. In addition, the history of these accounts is clean, unlike accounts “with hands". The latter can be blocked at any time due to their background. And they can also be resold to several users.

Therefore, it is best to buy a driver's or passenger's Didi account using a virtual number. The search for which begins and ends on the website "Grizzly Sms". Perhaps the best SMS activation service on the market of such services. 

Evaluate our advantages:

  • the most pleasant prices on the Network for one-time reception of verification messages (only free virtual numbers with zero guarantee of receiving SMS are cheaper);
  • consistently high quality of services provided. You will definitely receive a message, because until then the payment will not be debited from your balance;
  • we always have a sufficient number of available numbers available for registration on any popular Internet platform, from social networks to carsharing services;
  • if the service is blocked in any country (in yours, for example), you can always use the number of another country. Fortunately, we have numbers available in more than 200 countries of the world;
  • wherever you are, you can easily top up your account in our service. You can deposit funds both in traditional ways (using bank cards or wallets of electronic payment systems), and with the help of the now fashionable cryptocurrency;
  • our service works very quickly, you will get a number and the opportunity to buy a Didi account within a couple of minutes, spending a couple of mouse clicks. And if you wish to buy in bulk, a well-thought-out API for automating the process is at your service;
  • technical support is always in touch!

Didi accounts in a couple of clicks: step-by-step instructions

If you have never used SMS activation services, then you may have a question, why waste your time and effort on this. We suggest you make sure for yourself that there is nothing easier and faster than buying a Didi account using our virtual number. Just a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to our service. Here is the link (or click “Login” at the top right of this page). Mail address (the most anonymous option) or an account in one of the social networks (VK, Facebook/Meta or Instagram) can be used to log in.;
  2. On the left side of the page, you will find a list of countries of telephone operators. Choose the appropriate one. Do the same with the list of available services. You can easily find the desired site by typing in the first few letters of the name of the service “Didi” in Latin;
  3. Before you buy a Didi driver account, check how much it costs to receive a one-time SMS with a verification code from this site. Top up your account with the required amount in any convenient way;
  4. Go back to the service selection, check the selected parameters (country and site name), click on the “Buy” button next to the “Didi” name and go to the “Active numbers” tab;
  5. The purchased number will already be waiting there. Copy it;
  6. Download and install the Didi mobile app on your smartphone. Start the process of creating a new account (in other words, register). As your phone number, specify the purchased virtual;
  7. Go back to the “Active Numbers" tab. Next to the purchased number you will find an incoming message with a verification code. Copy it to the required field when registering in Didi;
  8. It remains to enter a captcha, come up with a password, fill in some personal data and you can proceed to using the account.

That's all. As you can see, you can buy a Didi account in a few minutes, without straining too much. Have a good trip!

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