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How to verify Twitch account without phone number

The streaming platform Twitch specializes in broadcasting computer games to users. For creating an account on it, one must specify one’s mobile number or email address. However, the second option has its disadvantages as the system treats such profiles with suspicion.

Then, how to log into Twitch without phone number and avoid encountering any related problems? The source Grizzly Sms offers an advantageous solution, namely, to buy a virtual number for Twitch from 13 cents only. It is also a suitable variant for making an account on this streaming source. It is aimed at receiving SMS messages.

Instructions on how to go through Twitch 2 factor without phone or register without SIM

The task specified does not assume any complications. It is enough to perform several easy steps.

  1. Open the website Grizzly Sms to create a profile there. You do not need to provide any information about yourself except for your email.

Image 1 How to verify Twitch account without phone number

2. Deposit your balance via your personal cabinet so that you can make purchases. Type the sum in the corresponding field and choose the transaction method from the payment systems on offer.

3. Now, you need to buy a virtual number. First, select the country, then — the service (today, we are discussing Twitch). You can either choose a variant you are interested in from the list or just enter it on your own.


Image 2 Buy a virtual number for registration on Twitch

4. Open the video streaming service. How to log into Twitch without phone number (real)? Just paste the contact number, which you have bought before, and fill in all the other fields offered.


Image 3 How to log into Twitch without phone number

5. As for an SMS message, you can read it on the website Grizzly Sms. Go to the personal cabinet of your account. Then, enter the 6-digit code received into the corresponding page.


Image 4 How to pass Twitch 2 factor without phone

In the instructions above we have discussed how to verify Twitch account without phone number. Such a profile will allow you to develop your channel, run live streams, or watch other steamers.

Reasons to choose Grizzly Sms

Our website offers virtual numbers for hundreds of sources. One must highlight our key advantages over our competitors.

  1. Affordable prices. Turning to us will allow you to save finances.
  2. More than 260 countries on offer. Do you want to use a foreign virtual number? That is not a problem.
  3. Reliability. Your account will not get blocked after registration as it will not look suspicious for the security system.
  4. Anonymity. We are not requesting personal data from our users and do not collect additional information about them.

Do you have any questions about Twitch two factor without phone number, registration on this service, or other details? Specialists from our support service are ready to provide help around the clock.